New launcher update Virus quarantine

Launcher just updated in the background, caused antivirus to quarantine it with the IDP.Generic flag with the launcher.exe. Now unable to play / repair

CCPlease fix!

Yep happened to me aswell, and im lost, cant even reinstall, it just wont launch ;<

Just happened to a corp mate too…

I am running Avast, he is running AVG. I was in space and had to resort to using Eve Anywhere to dock up

Found the solution, check this post

Avast, the “free” (not really since you’re giving them your private data in return) anti-virus company that was reselling your browsing data via Jumpsuit (and who knows what else). Good choice (sarcasm).


Thank you :slight_smile:

Fix worked (after restore / add exception)

All those so-called anti-virus do nothing more than what Windows’ anti-virus does. I had Avast for the longest time, in fact I started using Avast from it’s earliest years, but the past few years I started to notice it was more a pain in the butt than anything else. Then I read an article about Windows’ own anti-virus and decided to delete Avast and only use Windows’ anti-virus. I do not regret it. Been using Windows’ own anti-virus for 4 year now and nothing has happened to my PC, works like a charm and does an even better job than Avast and all the others scam-antivirus out there.

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Well since you’re already giving telemetry to Microsoft on Windows 10, using their own virus scanner won’t make any difference, plus they already take control of your firewall rules… so it’s pretty much game over to begin with on Windows 10+, no sense in giving out even more data via other privlidged apps.

It’s like they’re trying to outcompete with Apple on the tyranny score.

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HA! Talk about Tyranny, all those big tech and big corporations are at it these days, bringing us totalitarianism on a silver plater with the blessing of government.
They want to know every details of our lives down to the color of our shorts. God forbid you may have one single original thought they cannot control and use to their advantage.
Welcome to the New World Order. “You will own nothing ( not even your thoughts ) and be happy”
As if I didn’t see that coming 30 years ago.


You can tell it’s quality work when even the extras have proper trigger discipline.

CCP just posted a new thread about the issue. Please post any details you all that are experiencing the issue have (screenshots, error messages, etc) in the following thread

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