New module idea

was thinking of a module that will fit onto Freighters, Jump Freighters and transport ships. Was thinking that this module can fit on a high or mid slot if not a low slot then. but this module will allow a connection link between one ship to another through a wormhole. both ships has to be parked less then 2500m from the wormhole one on one end of the hole and one on the other end before a link can be created for both parties can move cargo between the two. let the cargo put mass on the hole but not as munch from the smallest transport ship going through. the connection link has to be at least 30 seconds but can last till one of the ships moves away from the minimal interaction distance of 2500m. and creating the link will give both parties a polarization timer so they cant just jump the hole when attacked. and if need be why not implement a fuel system for it as well for either time or the amount of materials going through.

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