New Module - The AU Sensor Booster

After a few years playing, well more than a few, their is one constant for AU players - Lock times. Have your EU fleet guys saying locked before the icon appears on your overview…again and again however their could be a part solution…introducing:

AU Senor Booster,
Scan Res: + 5000 scan res (wont be enough)
Fitting: all ships and usually in multiples
Stacking penalty: Playing in the AUTZ should be enough
Availability: AUTZ only



But ping times is ironically what counts beyond a certain scan res. Living farther from the server, aka london, means physics say youre slower. I have the same issue in Western Canada as its halfway around the world physically while for some its a few hundred kms.

Can’t you just have the kangaroos and six foot long spiders or whatever you have over there run faster on the treadmills to speed up your internet?

How about a Ping Equalization attribute for all ships - takes the highest ping rate of players in a system and applies a ‘ping rate’ formula to all ships in the system, bringing all people to the same rate.

As an AUTZ player, I’m totally for this.

As an EVE player in general, I’m totally against this.

I’m confused.


There would be tears…

You don’t understand. As AUTZ players, there already are.

I’m for everything that helps the guys from Prison Island! \o/


I thought this was a Astronomical Unit sensor booster for the directional scanner.

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Hang on, does this mean we have to trade a slot for something that brings us to parity with the old world?

You wot?

Clearly the better and fairer solution is a 10% buff to damage and 15% buff to all resists, applied to anyone who buys plex in Australian dollars.


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