New MWD with performance bonuses exclusively for short range weapons

For context: The following video got me thinking about kiting and long range weapon woes. Instead of nerfing the long range ships like the Muninn or Cerberus into uselessness by overly limiting their range or speed, ships with short range weapons should just be faster if they are fitted in certain ways:

The following numbers are just for illustration purposes. This MWD would give an additional speed boost of 200% and a lower sig bloom of 300%. It would only do that if the ship uses most of their high slots with class/role appropriate short range weapons:

  • MWD to allow the counterplay with the Warp Scrambler to turn it off.
  • Short range weapons are all those that are available in Polarized form. Short range is obviously relative as a Mega Pulse Laser can easily hit up to 70km with Scorch and Javelin Torps can go even further. However, the range is clearly limited to the sub-warp-range so that you can stay and run around a ship while the opponents can’t easily get to you, and you can get to a target faster. To prevent long range issues arising from long range ammo like Scorch, the additional bonus of the MWD could be limited to weapons loaded with short range ammo. This would add more complexity and variable module performance, but it would also limit the usefulness to a clearly defined range.
  • Most of their high slots means at least 80% (or 2/3, 4/5, 5/6 etc.). This is to prevent people from fitting mostly long range weapons and only 1 short range weapon to benefit from this MWD. This should also allow ships like BLOPS to use this module, which potentially need to use their high slots for utility like neuts or bridges. It would prevent Torp Bombers from using this module because they can only fit 3/5 slots with short range weapons and are powerful enough as it is, but it would allow Rocket/Small Blaster bombers to use this MWD.
  • Class appropriate means that you cannot benefit from this MWD if you fit Small Blasters to your Brutix or Rocket Launchers to your Raven. Ship size classes and weapon size classes are clearly defined and the MWD only works with matching classes. Caveat:
  • Role appropriate means that ships that can use higher class weapons (like the ABC) can use this MWD, too. I am on the fence with this, though, as these ships are powerful already, and with their range bonuses, this MWD could lead to some issues. Or ships like the Curse or Pilgrim, which use energy warfare modules in their high slots, would also be able to use them.

All these limitations are in place to prevent usage of the module in unintended ways (Although I wonder how this would work in the speed boost wormhole. :innocent: ). Drawbacks of this module could be higher fitting cost, higher overheat damage, shorter duration, higher capacitor penalty.


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