New NPC - Nanobot

Nanobot - 1. a hypothetical, very small, self-propelled machine, especially one that has some degree of autonomy and can reproduce.

Although no one is certain where the Nanobot’s originated from, some scientists speculate that the Nanobots are a creation of the Drifters, Sleepers or Rogue Drones. After the destruction of a ship, Capsuleer or NPC, scientists watched as lifeless wrecks of ships become a new vessel. At first scientists went crazy, some even went mad, causing several very messy situations in air locks at the sight of a wreck suddenly staring back at them as a new ship. On a few occasions, salvage teams working inside of twisted wrecks trying to remove valuable modules, watched in horror as the steel mess came alive. Wrapping around the salvage team member until the camera feed went black.

Are the Nanobots a virus, something picked up from Abyssal or Sleeper space that has since replicated and found their way into almost every single new build ship? A virus that turns the dead wrecks into AI killing machines?

The Nanobot would be a new NPC that has infested the shipyards of New Eden and has gotten into every structure of nearly all new build ships. When the NPC ship is destroyed, the chance of the wreck containing Nanobots would be, somewhere between 10% and 35%. If the wreck does have a Nanobot infestation, the moment the ship is destroyed, an impenetrable field forms around the wreck causing the wreck to turn red. Inside the field, the Nanobots quickly reconfigure the wreck into a new vessel. Depending on the race of Nanobot and the new ship size, the reconfiguration may take a few seconds or a few moments.

Reconfigured wrecks would range from frigate to titan in size and would use exotic matter, only known to the Nanobots, that is used to power the systems and weapons of the zombie ship. The weapon of choice of the Nanobots is a combination of Triglavian and Edencom weapons, a buildup of DPS that is discharged over a random series of energy strikes. The larger the Nanobot ship, the more powerful the weapon discharge. If a Capsuleer’s ship is destroyed, the Nanobot takes the form of the ship. For example, If a Capsuleer was piloting a destroyer and the ship is destroyed, the wreck would become a Nanobot destroyer.

For larger Nanobot ships to return from the dead, the wreck would have to contain a Salvage Nanobot. If a Salvage Nanobot is released from the wreck and any wrecks are still on the field within 75km, the Salvage Nanobot establishes an impenetrable field and then begins to gather all the wrecks within 75km. Once a number of wrecks has been gathered, the Salvage Nanobot begins to reconfigure the wrecks and the useable modules still inside the cargo hold of the wreck, into a new Nanobot ship.

For example, 3 NPC frigate wrecks = 1 cruiser, 2 destroyer wrecks = 1 cruiser. 5 destroyer wrecks + 3 cruiser wrecks = 1 battlecruiser, 5 cruiser + 4 battlecruiser wrecks = 1 battleship.

Local security status also plays into what type of ships the Nanobots can reconfigure.

High Sec - frigate to battleship
Low Sec - frigate to FAX
Null Sec - frigate to titan
Abyssal Space - does not apply
Sleeper Space - frigate to dreadnought
Triglavian space - frigate to world World Ark

Weapon - the main weapon of a Nanobot NPC ship is the projector web and Nanobot Projector. The Projector Web will hold a certain number of ships, based on size of the reconfigured ship for no more than 20 seconds before going into a cool down period of 25 seconds. While the web is active, DPS Nanobot ships will launch their lightning like attacks that continually build up energy that causes more and more damage as the bolt bounces from player to player, player to NPC or NPC to NPC ship. A Nanobot NPC will have one or the other but not both.

Dreds use the same mechanics as the smaller ships but cause significantly more damage.
FAX Nanobots deploy Salvage Nanobots and occasionally a Nanobot Replicator that ensure Nanobots are constantly on the field.

Carriers and Super Carriers would not deploy drones but would have a large, 100km, spider web like attack, like the other smaller ships, but instead of dealing damage to multiple ships, one ship is struck, and damage is dealt, a chain reaction occurs causing the web of the carrier to be deployed. Any ship caught in the web would be immobilized that would allow smaller Nanobot ships to attack it. Once the carrier deploys its web, all smaller Nanobot ships within 50km of the carrier, race towards the web to destroy what the carrier has captured. The Carrier Web lasts for 30 seconds and takes 45 seconds to recharge. Once the projector web cycle has completed, the smaller Nanobots race back out to a distance of 25 to 50 km from the carrier where they continue to be on the lookout for interlopers.

Nanobot ships ranging from frigate to battleship could also have a webber, scrambler, jammer or dampener fit as well. Dreds and Fax will always have at least one scrambler and or webber. Carriers and Titans could have Neuts or Vamps fit.

ISK value for each class of Nanobot ship would range from 25k ISK to 1.5 million ISK for larger, non-capitol ships. Dreds and Fax 2 to 2.5 million ISK payout, Carriers 4 to 7 million and Titans 35 million ISK that would be distributed amongst the top damage dealing fleet members. A fleet should have no less than 15 Capsuleers. CONCORD would also hand out LP as well and would be based on the most damage dealt.

Nanobot wrecks cannot be scanned to determine what is inside. Opening the cargo hold of each wreck is the only way to determine what is inside.

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I think I will scratch the Hive Queen idea and replace it with Nanobot Replicators. A Nanobot Replicator is a Nanobot that can be found in any wreck but does not reconfigure the wreck. Instead, the Nanobot Replicator seeks out wrecks left behind in the solar system, abandoned wrecks in combat sites are a good place to start, if there aren’t any combat sites in the system, the Replicator will then begin searching each asteroid belt, planet and gate for wrecks to replicate new ships from. If no wrecks are found, the Nanobot Replicator goes into a dormant stage and awakens every so often to search for wrecks. The Nanobot Replicator is the coveted Nanobot to capture. Using a special warp disruptor type weapon designed to trap the Nanobot Replicator, the Capsuleer would use salvage drones to dismember the Replicator, hoping to find the neutralizer module. The neutralizer module, when activated and used on any ship, NPC or Capsuleer, wreck or wreck can, would cause the Nanobots lying dormant in the ships structure, to dissolve and become ineffective. The neutralizer module would not cause criminal flagging and is considered a weapon that can only be used to destroy Nanobots. Basically, a ship scanner that scans a ship, wreck or wreck can, neutralizing any Nanobots that are found. The cycle of the neutralizer would be 60 seconds. Once a ship has been neutralized, the ship would never become a point of origin for a Nanobot to emerge from, even if destroyed, but could become fodder for the Nanobot Replicator or Salvage Nanobot. The neutralizer module cannot be used to attack Nanobot ships, it is merely designed to clean ships, wrecks and wreck cans of any Nanobots.

Salvage Nanobots are easy to destroy. Catching the Nanobot Replicator will take top level targeting skills to capture along with top-of-the-line probe skills to find a dormant Nanobot Replicator.

Reconfigured ships are approximately, 1 to 2.5 times more durable and deadlier than the original NPC ship was. A Capsuleer ship that is reconfigured into a Nanobot ship will be 1.5 times more deadly and durable than the original ship.

The Nanobot Infestation would be similar to the Triglavian event that drew a lot of players together to fight the Triglavians. Systems taken over by the Nanobots could still be traveled through but at the Capsuleers discretion. Captured Low and High Sec systems would see large numbers of Nanobot patrols, similar to Triglavian patrols seen in a system prior to the system falling or being made secure.

Taking back a captured system from Nanobots would require two things, probing the location of the Nanobot Nexxus and placing special demolition charges, found randomly in Nanobot wrecks, that would then be placed in the Nexxus. Once a Nexxus has been destroyed, all Nanobots would dissolve into wrecks containing possible loot. The only type of loot that will be found in a Nanobot wreck before the neutralizer module is used are infested modules. If an infested module is looted, a fleet of Nanobot ships ranging in size and number, will warp to the Capsuleers location and try to retrieve the module by destroying the Capsuleers ship. The Nanobot fleet will chase the Capsuleer for as long as the infested module remains in the cargo hold of the Capsuleers ship. Tactics could be developed by placing infested modules inside of a Capsuleer’s cargo hold. But be warned, after five minutes of the infested module being the cargo hold, the player becomes an active target, able to be attacked by anyone in the system without the attacking Capsuleer being punished. The fun part about the Nexxus is, that if it wakes up, it will jump to another location in the solar system while screaming bloody murder, requiring it to be probed down again. Charges placed in the Nexxus, however, would remain until the final charge had been set.

The Nanobot NPC would make every single solar system, except Abyssal space, more challenging by bringing a new element, edge of your seat PvE and PvP to the game, by not knowing whether or not the ship you just destroyed is going to come alive again to slurp the goo from your pod while you’re still alive and in your pod.

It’s all very complicated.

I would pair the whole thing back to say that every wreck has a very small chance of being resurrected as a rogue drone NPC.

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I want Rats to have a chance to resurrect as another rat that could be as big as a titan because reasons.

Hmmm well personally I’d love to see the Diamond Rat AI be used with carriers and the Phoenix Module, have carriers which have support fleets, you kill a rat, it respawns & reships, i think that would be a cool NPC fight.

having NPC fleets in nullsec/lowsec would be pretty awesome.

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Diamond rats already come in fleets.

Be pretty messy with the lore though. And I’m not sure how it would add anything over them just spawning in.

i was talking about carriers with fleet support, not just misc diamond rat small gang fleets.

well isn’t the point of the diamond rats to create a more realistic and immersive combat experience, simulating PVP but as PVE? wouldn’t it be great to simulate going up against carriers with full support fleets, flying in formation, i think that would be pretty awesome, imagine if they had that and gave us warclones who could fly as fighter pilots and have a true EVE Valkyrie style combat experience but actually in EVE, complete with warclones and capsuleers.

I Can imagine having warclones and carriers becoming a thing, raid the NPC carriers for intel, leading to escalation sites or hidden hack rooms or something.

No, they were a marketing tool to get people hyped about deeper features that ccp immediately abandoned.

What happened to them supposed to be emulating pvp?

So now you want them to somehow add a failed game (that required a different engine) as a mini game in eve? Not sure what else you could mean by

What does this have to do with valkyrie?

Too make the coding easier for CCP? Let’s look at how the coding would work.

Every ship has an ID number attached to the model. Every ship has a wreck model that has a subset ID number that correlates to the ship’s model number. The model is never really destroyed, it is simply removed from the game, visually, during the second the explosion is happening and is then replaced by the wreck model.

Replacing the wreck model with a resurrected model ID would be really no different from the random variable or roll that is used to determine what modules, if any, drop when a ship is destroyed.

If the initial roll of the Salvage Nanobot was a Drone Titan, not certain if there are any Drone Titans, if not there should be. The SN would search for wrecks to build a Titan from. More times than not though, the Titan would never be built due to the large amounts of wrecks needed. But smaller ships, frigates, destroyers even carriers could easily be resurrected from the wrath of a Capsuleer running through a combat site.

The Drone Nanobot is meant to create a harder NPC variable that is accessible all of the time.

please give us this ccp

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