Wreck Compression and Restoration

just think it would be cool to be able to use all this cool nanotech to take a wreck and compress it to a suitable size to store in a cargo hold.

then some how restore it to working condition.
I personally think some kind of deployable which has a stront bay for defensive shielding if attacked
using nanites to decompress and refabricate the ship and using other resources to have it built in space over time would simply be a very cool thing.

for me this isn’t about earning ISK, although it should be viable of course even if only small amounts.
but its more about generating player driver aesthetics in the in game environment, you’re flying around, you see people mining, gas harvesting, being active and doing stuff, so why not people attempting to rebuild a ship in space or perhaps trying to nuke those efforts, just think it would be cool.

there is a demand for salvaging to be expanded upon, I figured this would be nice without seeing “salvage probes” on the agenda.

being able to restore ships in my opinion would be cool. all wrecks now despawn after 2 hours (instead of the previous 3)
so why not have it so if you’re ship is insured the wreck will remain for a few hours more allowing time for it to be compressed.

once compressed you can restore it, the deployable I mentioned above is the best I could come up, maybe some other cool cats on here will have some ideas.

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It would be cool if the potential ORE Titan could compress wrecks. Or somehow loot a battlefield with ease.

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I’m not sure if Ore Titans are a thing but tbf there should be some change up to salvaging within the game network, the idea of salvage probes has been around for a while but it won’t happen for various reasons, salvaging isn’t just about taking what you can get from whats left over, its also about making something whole again, restoration & repair, we have nanites which can repair ships and nanofabrication production lines, even deployable stuff from the POS stuff for production.

so why not something short lived to restore a destroyed ship, when people loose a valuable ship and end up almost rage quitting from it, well maybe it can help prevent that, maybe, ship restoration could be part of insurance upgrade,

“inert nano storage devices lace your ships hull, utilising nanoscoping strontium sampling technology, at the point of your ships destruction, these nano-stront batteries activate protecting the nanite casings, after your ship destruction, these nanites activate and begin restoring your ship”

if you want my honest opinion, ships clearly have mass and this is tracked, i think the amount of materials pulled away from the ship should be a varient factor of ships mass + modules + tech level.

anything not destroyed becomes lootable.

anything destroyed becomes part of the ships total mass.

if you look at the mass of metal scraps + resource value, you could theoretically calculate the number of metal scraps generated from that, meaning capitals and titans would take substantially longer to salvage.

not to mention the idea of these metal scraps also having available of different resources rather than all metal scraps being just trit.

I know this would mean a lot of leg work on the coding side and most likely lead to a rebalance especially of resources especially given the fact that when a ship goes pew its meant to remove those resources from the game, tbf this would probably never happen simply for that reason alone, however improvements to the salvaging game play are desired, if this was only permitted on say frigates, both t1 and t2 including assault frigates, this could open things up for alpha players.

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