Hot Dropping NPC's

To make PvE more exciting across all of New Eden, I suggest that NPC’s be able to hot drop ships into a fight if they want too. The function would work on random roll to determine if ships are hot dropped. An NPC ship fit with a Cyno Field Generator would be a good indicator that additional ships could be hot dropped.

Once dropped the additional ships will either warp out after a period of time or be destroyed. If the Cyno ship is destroyed it could potentially drop a faction Cyno Field Generator that would allow a Capsuleer to Cyno ships to its location while it is warping.

The principle is based on the Cyno Generator using Micro Jump Field Generator technology to pull the ships into warp with it. The only downfall is that if the Faction Cyno Generator is used while warping and enemy ships are within 4,500 km when it is activated, the enemy ships will also be pulled into the warp conduit as well.

NPC’s would not be affected and therefore not able to pulled into warp with the Faction Cyno Generator ship.

Wat ?

Excuse me, don’t understand a word of what you said. Can you try to develop ?

I think the basic idea of the OP is that npc ships should be able to call in additional support.

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