"new Observatory Flashpoint dungeon"


Tell me this is not some instanced crapola?

Instanced stuff for larger fleets would be interesting. I wish they had provided more details on what this really is.


Run it and let us know


I am sure some brave souls hungry for ISK will run it and post here how amazing that was, or how heroic they were.

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I guess they don’t exist yet. No new kills on NPC zkill. Just…nothing new.

My biggest concern right now is whether or not I’m going to mining with my rorquals :stuck_out_tongue:

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Having thought about it, here is my prediction.

The whole deal where you can change sides, they didn’t put that in the sandbox, it is in some instance. They didn’t give us another faction, it is some lame instance. You won’t become an enemy of any state, it is just a meaningless merry go round ride, it is an instance.

For those of us tbat cant log in could you describe what it is.

No it is not instanced

Yes you can bring in your ninja 'ceptor or cov-ops pilot and grab the loot.

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