New Omega Benefit Quick Log Off

New Omega Clone Benefit Idea
Log off safety time will reduce to 10 seconds"
Log off timer expire speed multiplies X5 (1:00 as PVE) (3:00 as PVP)

Counter proposal, alpha safelog is 60 seconds and omega doesn’t change.

I’ve lost count of the number of ships we’ve probed down and killed because they failed to safelog (largely because every time they tried, we’d probe them down and force them back into warp lol).

No reason to take that away from us.


No way you’re shortening the time.

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I’d also like to be allowed to buy no-weapons-timer, no-jump-fatigue, no-sec-hits, no-criminal-flag… hmm… I’ll be able to think of more if I think about it a while.

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Click and pod all ships on grid.

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