New PC from brother

My brother tells me yesterday “Nick, if you can get a trillion ISK i will buy a new PC to your birthday!”
So today i decide to search some new ways to get ISK in much more quantities.
Your ideas, friends?

If someone wants to help me up(pls), my chars -
Bronn Young
Dexter Einchorn

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Try abyssal deadspace.

Get a job.


Is he going to trade you a new pc for a trillion isk?

I don’t see a trillion isk in your future. It’s more than you think.

Just to give you some perspective, a trillion seconds is nearly 32 THOUSAND YEARS!!!

Easy! Fly to a trade hub where tritanium buy price is high. Be in your pod (not in a ship) and dock at the station where you should have no ships at. You get a free rookie corvette. Grab the single piece of tritanium and put it in your item hangar (from your rookie corvette’s cargo bay). Trash the free rookie corvette. Repeat around 250 billion times. Sell the tritanium. Collect the free PC from your brother. :slight_smile:


Sounds like a scam

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@Bronn_Young Just so you know, at the current PLEX prices does 1 trillion ISKs equal about £9,000.

(£84.99 for 2860 PLEX in the CCP store, while 1 PLEX at Jita goes for 3.3m ISKs.)

It works better if you have a big boobed slutty avatar.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’m sure there’s a bot for this.

Disclaimer - if there is a bot for this I do not condone its use, nor do I condone the creation or distribution of the aforementioned bot should one not exist at present.

Op, mine in a Kestrel.

Bot maker detected! Get him! :japanese_ogre:

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Smart man.

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