The Futility of Bragging

I saw someone on the forums earlier tonight bragging about having over 300 billion, multiple Jita mains and Alts, the ability to have over 1000 contracts etc.

I was amazed to realise 300 billion isk at 3,789,634.94 isk per plex
comes out to 79,163.29798 plex
and this when divided by 2860 plex on sale now for $99.99
Works out to being 27.68 plex comes out to just $2767.67USD

Now trading can be fun, but definitely not something you want as a job.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the current plex price but it does make what I have earned in EvE look pitiful.

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You should never measure yourself by the success or failure of others.

  • Richie “Reich” McCandless, murdered in his bed by a disgruntled Telephone Sanitiser, 2127CE

Is there a plex sale?

Yes but only a 15% sale so even at full cost 300 billion is worth nothing.

My timezone there is no plex sale.

Weird I didn’t know EvE did them for different time zones.

The futility of posting contentless troll threads on the forums.