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So the counter went to zero and there’s nothing new on CCPs YouTube channels or anywhere I looked so far.

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Another deceptive ad song like Wrecking Dreams?

This isn’t a new song :slight_smile:

The website is a fan made site owned and operated my a member of ISD, not Permaband or CCP.

From what we understand, the countdown is for a re-launch of the website.


Owww, too bad. I was thinking the site looked suspicious but hyped none the less.

Love the songs. Play them and sing to get daughters to bed. The youngest smiles to Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci in his part “Its more than I can bear” in “Come Fly With Us”.

@CCP_Falcon It’s so nice you replied so fast, thanks.

Hi guys,

yes uncle Falcon is right, not a new song but rather a re-launch of the Permaband fansite. Sadly, i have to extend the timer since i ran into some issues on the site. It should be fixed soon. :slight_smile:


Well he’s never going to live it down. Uncle Falcon. Suggest someone at CCP changes his handle now.

And while they are at it, Uncle Falcon should kick Brother Guard and Daddy Hunter (If that’s even still possible? Who knows?) so they make a new one already.

Ya shouldn’t have done that.


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