New Permaband vids

I think after all this crappy stuff that happened in the past couple yrs, that a new PermaBand release would cheer us all up a bit.
Even tho one or more of the guys may have left, I am sure that someone would be willing and able to step up and fill in adequately.
I know of several people, including myself, that watch the vids in order to cheer up some.

Thanks, take care and fly safe!

Asking for a Permaband song without CCP Guard is like asking for a pizza without cheese, or a beer without alcohol, you uncultured swine. :frowning:


All of the prior ones were about fighting and killing, and all those other things that the game isn’t really about anymore. They should make one for carebears this time. Maybe like a parody of the Oompa Loompa song, but Triglavian-themed?

Mining, whining, doompety doo
I’ve got a perfect rage post for you
Hauling, bawling, doompety dee
If you are angry you’ll complain with me


Actually you seem to spend more time lately crying about carebears than any carebears I’ve seen crying.

It’s a bit weird really, since the game is designed and controlled by CCP and carebears have nothing to do with any of the ways the game has changed over the years. One wonders about how connected some of the so-called "PvP"ers in EVE are if they can’t discern that no amount of posting on the forums changes anything in EVE - CCP only looks at who’s subbing and who isn’t. If PvPers really wanted the game to be designed for their benefit, I guess they should have subbed more?

At any rate, as Shipwreck said, it’s hard to picture a Permand without CCP Guard, and he may run into issues doing a CCP-Permaband thing if he’s working for another gaming company, for instance. It’s also unlikely something would come together during Covid restrictions. Guard has given some “Permaband will never die” type responses in interviews, which is hopeful, but nothing specific.


Well that’s kind of hard to do if sociopaths make up only ~4% of the population.


Would it? All Permanband did was glorify CCP’s lies and incompetence. That’s not cheering up, that’s deceiving yourself with drug-induced bliss.

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No so hard it could cut diamonds.

Permaband without Guard would be like Eurythmics without Lennox, Beatles without Lennon, red october without lenin Connery! No!


There. Better.


…or pineapple :pineapple:

:smirk: :smiling_imp: :dealwithitparrot:

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Better in every way?

Also, reunite the Beatles now

CCP Hunter is always worth listening too, so even without CCP Guard, anything from Permaband would be good.

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I like it…

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Permaband died with Guard leaving. In fact so many things died with Guard leaving, or perhaps Guard left because so many things died. Either way, it’s dead.


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