New PI feature suggestion

Can there be a snap to grid feature added to the PI user interface? It’d be really helpful in minimizing link length.


I feel like I’ve read this one before…

Seems reasonable.

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You probably have. I know I have.

Which is why CCP won’t do it.

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You probably have a point there.

Probably something for the small things thread, but yeah, +1 to this idea.

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I want a snap to grid not to minimise the link length, but to satisfy my “keep it tidy” urge.
There would be a good argument for a snap grid larger than the diameter of the modules - say 50% larger - that gives you a chance to keep things tidy if you wish at a cost of a slightly increased link length.

To be honest, I’ve not had a case that that fractionally longer links have cost me being able to do something that I’ve wanted in PI. But I’ve not looked that closely into it.


Depending on the diameter of the planet, you might have very little wiggle room for link length. I once had to turn my mouse DPI all the way down and spend like an hour trying to get all my buildings as close as possible in order to create the setup that I had planned.

hm hm :laughing:

WTB planetary CPU Implant

Lower your resolution.
Actually now I want to know what effect this has.

I’ve only ever done PI once.
Never again.

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Look at my picture, all buildings are pretty much close together, but because of the planet radius/diameter, one has enough CPU, the other planet doesn’t. Only on the smallest planet I have 4 launchers.

Practice makes perfect :laughing:

Because you’ve lowered the resolution?

You’re missing the point.
I guess you need the money.

If that was your point, no. I only zoomed in as far as I could. I don’t think the connection would be even shorter with lower resolution.

No, 120b in one year of play is enough for me. It was rather the attraction to be able to design and produce a P4 myself.

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i like the PI Feature in Eve they just need to make it easier to use…
For example it can be very easy to lose one of your factories if by mistake you leave it all alone and not linked to anything. There should be a “Go to” button or “Next” button which automatically takes you to each item in turn… Sometimes it can take me 5 or 10 minutes to find my items because the planet is so big and the icons are so small !


I set up my 300 planets zoomed in all the way while using an app that told me the x & y screen coords on the mouse pointer.

I’m torn between making fun of you and honestly admiring that amount of autism dedication …
… and I really do wonder what you actually need so many planets for.

Made only 1 product for direct selling it…after making 200b I can’t be asked to haul anymore, still have around 25-30 bil of it rotting inside full starports.

How boring.

Not if he hauled it all in a Rifter

Nah … just way too much ISK.
Utterly boring.

He spent his time working instead of playing …
… and that poor guy probably thinks that’s fun too.

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