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I have been trying for a WEEK to wade through your so-called “new player experience”…; click here, click there, click, click,click, click bend over ,click some more, look that way, look this way, click some more… what an amazing amount of pedantic ■■■■■■■■. I STILL have not actually gotten to the “game” Can I just ,PLEASE, PLAY THE GAME? “Tedious” does not begin to describe.

Welcome to EVE, the greatest terrible game of all time.

Eventually, the UI kind of get’s out of the way, only because you get used to it, but if you are able to find something in the game that hooks you, you’ll play for a long time.

Many never find the hook, but the breadth of EVE is so wide that there is pretty much something for everyone if they find it before being too frustrated or bored.


oh, btw, in the process of all this crap, I have deleted the the game a couple times but then I think " maybe I’m past it now", so I download it again, and…it’s just more of the same…does this ever end?

It doesn’t so much end. More, you just get used to it, so don’t think about it after a while.

But no. It doesn’t end.

Yes :thinking: Stop messing about with the career agents and new player experience if they’re giving you such a hard time and leave the starter system, there is nothing forcing you to stay there.

If you can’t even do the career agents, you’re gonna have a bad time in EVE…


Nevermind, the next time I played after posting this, Aura (or whatever her name is) finally went away and let me start just playing. It’s all good now :slight_smile:

Just for anyone that found their way here that wants to quit with the tutorial.

Go to the game menu by clicking escape (or pressing the cog in the menu). At the bottom of the overlay there’s a “skip tutorial” button.

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It’s already confirmed too late now, you’ll never quit playing… might take breaks but you’ll never be able to quit… ever. :smiling_imp:



Just skip the intro then lol and jump right into things. The intro is for super new players to gaming it self it seems.

Basic navigation:
Double click in space moves you in that direction (manual)
left click hold (on something) brings up a radial menu for fancy things
setup shortcuts for approach(z), orbit(x) and keep at range(c) (auto)
hold control drag a block over things on the screen to lock targets

If you want a link to pro level navigation let me know and I’ll send you a link and you will be a better pilot than 90% of players on the server within the first month.

Dying is a big part of eve, die well die often and die gloriously
Don’t fly ship’s you cannot afford to loose
Don’t get scammed in Jita
And check out eve is easy on youtube for some tut’s

If you want to learn basic mechanics super fast

and bam no need for the rest of the tutorial.


Navigate yourself to the following system: Hevrice.

Warp to 0km at the sun.

Announce in local you are here to give the new player experience a good ol’ try, and someone will be along shortly to give you a personal introduction to EvE gameplay!

If I’m logged in, I’ll totally give you the Thorne platinum experience. Plus I’ll toss in a new player hug and free ammunition!

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Speaking of which always grab the “free ammo” jetcans even if you have to set safeties to yellow… free stuff is free stuff. :wink:


This, always. And it cleans up garbage left around. Think environmentally friendly

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