What on earth have you done to the new player experience?

I’ve just created a new character and got excited to do the new player experience again, get a nice boost to getting that character on the proverbial road and I ran into the abomination of the “Combat Career Path”. Now lets be honest here for a minute… is this a joke? Is this actually replacing the beautifully told story you had as a tutorial that took you through quite an immersive tale, taught you more about the game than any previous EVE tutorial I have ever played and then rewarded you with exciting and useful rewards that would give you a fighting chance in the endless, cruel abyss of New Eden?

Not only is the “Career Path” in question a complete waste of time, it is also exceptionally tedious, doesn’t educate the player in the slightest and gives rubbish rewards. Hell at the end NOTHING happens. There is no climax, there isn’t even a suggestion to go and do the actual career paths which, while dated and a little tedious themselves, at least provide useful training and tools to find your place in EVE.

I sincerely hope that this isn’t the new player experience that we will end up with. As a returning player of 3-4 years hiatus I can tell you that coming back and playing through that initial story line got me excited and wanting to play EVE again. Not only that but it encouraged me to have fun in EVE. It teased me with what I could achieve, it showed me a world that wasn’t empty and merely filled with goons and code gankers and made me want to actually play EVE for the fun and rp value, not to play to make the most isk/hour so that I can… brag about it…?

I don’t know… I feel thoroughly disappointed by that tutorial and feel sorry for the new players coming in that have to experience that rubbish. I cannot see how they would feel invited to stay and play EVE, a game that is notoriously difficult to get into to begin with.


Yeah, same here. I was hoping to get the free 250k skill injector. Got nothing instead.

Its a shame too, the caldari NPE mentor was pretty hot. There was that stupidity of using a web to tackle the FAX, which was completely not how a web works, but still. She was pretty damn hot. Wouldve loved to have some one on one training with her, if you catch my drift.

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So now you can’t see on killboard if that character did the tutorial because of a frig and pod loss in a newbro system? I was a bit puzzled, too, but to be honest the hero story was a bit pathetic, I don’t miss that :slight_smile: But some more advice how to go on would be helpful for completely new players.

I dont think you understand just how hot the caldari mentor was.

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I only remember the Minmatar Mining Commander…

Yeah she was a skank. Caldari was much better looking.

I returned after 2 years and was hoping to do the voice acted story based tutorial I heared about.
Instead I got 10 VERY BAD missions, that don’t even teach how to jump, not even mentioning mining, producing, fitting and stuff like that.
Why oh why did you remove the Inception tutorial. Why couldn’t you just make some tutorials AFTER it?

Oh boy I thought they just added these new missions on top of the old NPE, not replaced it with them (haven’t created a char to test the new thing out). Shocking, but as it is CCP we’re talking about I am not at all surprised to be honest. Shame. I always recommended new players (and even returning old ones) to do the NPE then the career agents then possibly the SoE epic. I agree the “little hero” story of the NPE was cringy but aside of that small detail the NPE was useful and a fun experience. Now it’s gone. :frowning:

I have another complaint about new players experience. I came to EVE after very long break, never was skilled pilot before and just wanted to make some money by trading. Guess what? I was killed in high-sec with all my cargo for 300M in my first flight. I have uninstalled the game, there is no safe place in game for tired people to do some peaceful jobs and enjoy the game. High Security is not secure at all, game is not welcome AT ALL. You have to suffer all the time and being scum or pirate is the only way to play the game. This is why new players are leaving after couple of days, there is no space to enjoy the game, not a single corner where you can be safe. Good bye EVE, it was my last try to bring you some other couple of hundreds EUR. No more until you fix the game.

It’s EVE Online …

Good explanation. Keep repeating and lose players. I can’t imagine in a “real world” New Eden piracy in high-sec. Ir a “real world” pilots spare clones would be deactivated and capsuleer will end up being a human with 1 life, thrown in to prison. Killing ships in high-sec is a serious crime, all ships we are piloting by lore have mortal crew as well. Destroying ship is not harmless event. CCP could make gates in high-sec sec safer just by surrounding with field denying activation of any weapons. There are people who don’t want to be constantly in danger. I have a very stressful job, I was playing EVE to take rest, so see beautiful space ships. Players like me require high-sec to be secure. 90% of space are low-sec, null-sec and WH-space systems where you can slaughter at sight. High-Sec must be secure so new players don’t leave before they see the game.

EVE Online is a game. And something more. But it is not a simulation, it is not a replica of real world constructs, only of concepts.

Highsec is a pretty damn safe area. As long as you have an awareness of foundation principles of EVE Online, and do not expose yourself to human preconceptions, principles or simple perception issues.

EVE Online works because it is a pressure cooker, and players are the little molecules in the soup inside the thing.

Good, I am not paying for this anymore.

How dare you bring morals and fairness and justice talk into our prison

Don’t worry, CCP will never hear my cries. I really doubt they are paying attention, otherwisethings would change looong time ago.

Wait, so I dont have to do those boring storylines again ?


Just for you?what makes you so special?

Is it the lack of afk rewards that mean you played this instead of ED? Its pretty much as safe a place with pretty ships as you can get. You can even turn the multiplayer aspect off.

Not only for me. I have a couple of friends who tried the game an the all left in a few weeks. My brother was very interested to trade in game between stations and regions, he was learning the market but was killed couple of times in high sec, lost all his isk and left the game. Honestly, I am killed much more often in high sec than in low sec. If you check my losses, I lost much more isk in high sec than in FW. There was a time when I had another account and was killing all moving targets in low-sec, but I never was interested to break the game for new players and invent schemes to go kill in high sec. There is enough space for PVP, high sec should be warm welcome place for new people where to start.

It is called high security space for a reason, in opposition something like full security space. You did not properly understand what the term means and instead projected your own wishful thinking on it and faced the consequences. You can’t blame the game, its devs nor the other players for playing it as intended.

Though if this game is not meant for you then the best is to find something you enjoy, those who play EVE for what it is do it because they enjoy it, including the bad and good. Good luck finding your thing and have fun playing it!

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