New Player Focused dailies and a forey in to implant production

Daily SP Farming.

the goal of my idea is to create a way for new players to better gain SP (up to a point) whilst offering an alternate benefit to older players. this would be achieved through a daily or weekly mission objective. this gives a player the flexibility to either login each day or run the weekly one if they are going to be absent for a few days.

(all numbers are place holders)

  • you can accept either a daily or Weekly mission (can not accept both)
  • completing a daily mission will lock the Weekly option for 7 days and start a 24H completion/acceptance timer.
  • Daily mission would reward 25Ksp.
  • Weekly mission would would reward 250Ksp.
  • Mission would also give L1 Story-line mission equivalent standings boosts.
  • the Standings gains only allow a player to reach +1.0 with a faction (with no negative penalties) past +1.0 the player can still boost standings at a greatly diminished amount however they start to lose derived standings for the opposing faction
  • SP rewards diminish as you move towards 5Msp, with payout converting to 1M isk at the 5Msp cut off

Alternatively the mission reward is a Booster that gives a 100% SP gain boost for 24H/Week; with diminishing bonuses at 2.5 & 5Msp

this both of these would greatly benefit newer players allowing them that much needed boost. whilst allowing older players a way to gain an additional way to claw back negative standings

Booster/implant manufacturing.

i would role this in to the current mining system whilst adding more to shattered WHs and TRIG space.
the primary reason for this is that i would like to see more investment in these areas of Space offering greater rewards to the pilots who brave these spaces.

Triglavian element: (mineral Pocket)

  • filaments would drop from Trig (transport) rats in T-space which when used open a 1 entry pocket of trig space that has gas and minerals to mine
  • up to 3 players could enter.
  • expect 1 or 2 rats to show up in there
  • each pocket would spawn gas and minerals to mine that could be refined and combined with K-Space elements to create advanced implant sets
  • filaments would be unstable and have a chance to collapse in to a WH that leads to sK-space (creating a new signature in the system the filament was activate in (there might be a way to consistently cause this to happen)

Sleeper Element: (battle site)

  • Drifter/sleeper - new sites would spawn exclusively in shattered WH systems that contained derelict sleeper, drifter & Trig ships.
  • using salvages, data & relic analyses; you would be able to obtain components that could be reverse engineered to produce the Blue prints for the advanced implants
  • the sites would be guarded by either sleepers or Trigs
  • you would also be able to find filaments for the Trig mineral pockets here

No, terrible idea. Worst Idea in weeks.



i did state that all numbers were place holders
the idea differential is in place to reward active play :slight_smile:

its a look at options not a “please add this now”
how you you implement a system for newer players to catch up that can not be farmed by vets?

daily alpha injectors. Normal injectors also give more SP compared to “veterans” because of lower SP.

Dailies are coming for us all soon enough so you need not worry there but giving new players stuff doesn’t fix the fact that the game just isn’t fun

  • the daily ALFA injectors may be, however its still a fair chunk of ISK to purchase (ISK - PLEX - SP)
    If there was a way for a new player to earn one through a mission/set of objectives (possibly tied to an extended part of the NPE) then these would be more viable
  • normal injectors to offer this benefit yes however with an ~800m ISK price tag. it is a barely achievable option for 75% of the (genuine/Non ALT) new players “unless they spend real money”.
    i was looking for a way that could benefit everyone who runs the content with a better reward directly benefiting new players.

Currently the benefits that are obtained from skill injectors offer greater returns for older (high SP toons) through ISK generation as a month of passive training on a single character have the potential to net you over 2Billion ISK (conservative estimate). we then have the problem of SP farms that generate multiple trillions in that same period. there is no down side to skilling Carrier 5 every month and pulling it out of your head to make quick isk. CCP needs to find a way to hinder this avenue of ISK generation.

  • i would suggest that a player removing a skill level would raise that skills training multiplier by .xx. this would discourage SP farming and allow the market to settle a little. however i know this would never happen. the uproar would be immense.

I understand that people dont like to hear it, but CCP need to find a viable way for new players to close the Gap (in SP at least) without creating a system that can be farmed/exploited by an established player.
every RL money Deal CCP puts up on various sites; is immediately lambasted by Veteran players claiming its “PAY to WIN” whilst simultaneously using the same deals and mechanics to obtain a far greater advantage that the new players the deal is directed at.

CCP are caught between a rock and a hard place with its current player base. the can do no good in the player bases eyes.
in the last few months CCP have added some great content:

  • Trig rats - AFK high sec players refuse to adapt and lose ships so the forums and Reddit are on fire. (CCP should allow these rats to spawn every where)
  • Null black out - (reverted) AFK Null players complained that the black out killed their ISK making bottom line. it was sad to see that CCP folded on this (this should not have been reverted)
  • (further back) mining/ diamond NPC - everyone moaning that they could not find Ore to mine and refusing to learn the mechanics of these new rats & deal with them.
  • (back further) drifters - the only well received content that did not relay add anything beyond an implant set. CCP then had sleepers attack structures in Null. the Null players kicked up a stink.

see what im getting at?
we need to find a way to bring in new players fast or Eve will suffer. the question is how?

Daily quest: do any activity you want to earn money for an injector. Teaches to be efficient at doing things (or spend way more time).

Large injectors can be split in smaller forms: You dont have to buy 500k SP ones, and Omega status itself restores skill training speed to normal…

agreed content needs to be more engaging,

  • more work is needed on the mission system. an overhaul of this could potentially offer some much needed change.
  • racial over arching story lines that are easy to follow and get involved in. (epic arks are the closes we have to this)
  • COSMOS missions and constellations are dead content. either completely remove them or give them new life (make them the story’s that send a player down the rabbit hole)
  • add trigger able events that push a narrative within the game universe.
  • create ways for players to experience each fausset of EVe with out having to commit.

unfortunately (IMO) these much needed changes will never come, the player base is dogmatic and static by game design. this is CCPs biggest failing

this is not a clear mission objective. as there inlays the problem. people need to be taught to make goals in a game. every open world (sandbox) game has over arching predefined objectives; from Minecrafts achievement system and killing the Ender-dragon to Skyrims/Fallouts complete this active objective.

EVE falls down here because the scope of what can be achieved is not clearly defined by CCP.
PVP is EVEs endgame but that starts at charecter creation. the first time you undock.

the majority of new accounts are ALFA (i would assume) who then either leave or subscribe later down the line. the Injectors offer a great SP boost but the price tag attached is a pipe dream for most new players. yes you can go to null/WH scan sites and make bank, but this is not clearly presented to the new player.
it is all well and good having the new player run career missions however the end result if a ticket that allows you to join your Factions millita or go mining/mission running. if the player was shown (clearly) the scope of any given career line then maybe those connections to the greater sandbox could be seen and the knowledge of risk & Reward, as it relates to EVE, would be gained vary early on in a players career.

There is no catch up and no catch up is needed. You are over estimating the importance of SP.

SP up to a cirtain point is vary important. think fittings and tank output of any given ship.
my avatar piloting a tristan against a 2 month old avatar (both flown by experienced pilots) will in 90% of the fights out class the other avatar. this assumes the same fit, implants & boosters used.

I agree that in the high SP bracket (100M+sp) the investment from any single point of SP is much less than that same point to a new player. Time-gating worked really well in EVEs early days, however this is a fundamental part of EVE that CCP need (have been trying to) change. yes Eve is 90% skill 10% sp but that 10% is a bigger gap for a new player today than it was 10 years ago.

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