New Player Looking for Experienced players

Hello, im a new player.
Recently started llaying Eve, completed all starter missions and decided to look for a corporation.
Im looking for corp that:

  1. Will teach how to play the game
  2. US/UE oriented
  3. Not any kind of scammer/slavery(if such things exist in Eve). You should be fine with me leaving the corp if i dont like it. No chasing and killing me down for this. Dont worry, if you will gift something to me i will give it back/cash equivalent before leaving
  4. Fine with me being alpha for now but at the same time ready to teach/help getting omega status through game
  5. Being PvE/PvP/PvE missions corp. + points if in mid term after getting some EXP and Omega status i will be able to join fully PvP heavy oriented corp(your main or your ally or whatever)
  6. If you are null sec/low sec/WH corp, teach and guide me on how to exist in there
  7. If you can be war declared, explain how to exist with this
  8. Low tax/heavy tax with a good reason for me behind.
  9. I dont like ganking/scamming etc etc.
    What i as a player can provide to you:
  10. Very motivated to learn and play. After 2 days, Eve looks like a decent game to try so i will keep going deeper.
  11. Idk how many points i have but i still have 950k+ unspent and enough skills to use Algos with drones
  12. Daily 1h+ dedicated to the game. Im a student, so how much time i can dedicate depends day by day but i will try to play Eve at least hour per day somewhere between 9 and 16 UTC.
  13. 18+, have mic, have decent East European English. I can talk but not very fast. Understand most accents.
  14. Most factions/guilds/clans that i join, i stay for almost entire game. Unless i stop playing the game itself(it rarely happens, im not a “game of my life” player) or if clan is dead
  15. Not sure if this is good or bad, but as you may notice by amount of text i typed, i usually take video games kinda “seriously” haha. I hope thats fine

Send your recruitment replies:)
I hope i didnt write anything wrong in thread haha

Come check us out.
Zero Reps Given- Sov Null PVP/ PVE / Indy Corp - Corporations & Alliances / Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

we are a group that focuses mainly on mining and industry. we do look for players interested in providing security forces for low sec mining.

we are an expanding corporation with plenty of roles to fill with in the corporation. whether you just want to be a regular member, or take a pay position in the corporation, the choice is yours.

we run nearly daily mining ops, and the corporation buys back ore at 105% evepraisal price. we DO NOT do like those other wishy washy mining corps that only give 90%. we feel that if you make money, you get bigger, that in turn helps the corporation get bigger.

new members can receive a free venture, FG, DD, or CA depending on your skills.

contact DKJericho either in game, or by joining our discord and contacting there.


Join the The Knights Of Valhalla Discord Server!

Vasya Nyasha, mail sent in game, we take players such as yourself and help them make the best isk they can. Feel free to reach back.

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