New player looking for guidance on picking a player Corp


I’m new to the game, I have two characters, one with about 10M SPs (I played a little back in 2011) and another with about 1M SPs, both Omega. My game knowledge is solidly beginner and would like that improved.

Searching for ways to narrow down the search for a player Corp.

What’s standard practice, do I make a post like this one and have people contact me, or do I need to be contacting people?

I’m 53 yrs old so a Corp with older members is preferred, but not mandatory.
I like PvP, but have limited time to play and usually to be good at PvP you need to devote some time to it.

Improved game knowledge and best ways to earn ISK would be the immediate goals.

Join a PvP corp.

Have a look here: Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

There’s several ways to find out where to go:

  • Talk to a recruiter in a Newbro area and have a serious interview
  • Pick a corp on the list above.
  • Join public roams and just ask

If you think it was not the best idea to join: Leaving the corp is very easy.

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