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I’ve been in one high-sec indy corp already, but I quit because I stopped playing. I am not a fan of mining and did not like the progression. I have 8.5M SP all focused in mining - Mining V, Astrogeo V, Mining Upgrades V, Mining Barge V, Mining Frigate V, Reprocess and Reprocess Eff V/V, Mettalurgy IV. I have all the preqs for T2 moon crystals and Exhumers (but not enough isk for the books yet). I have almost unlocked Expedition Frigates (need to get Electronics V). Most of the fitting/support skills are IV/V - I can T2 fit where it counts. I am working on my drone skills now.

I decided to Eve another go and resubbed. Before I give-up on mining, I want to try R64 moons in Null Sec. I am looking for a corp with Rorqual boosts/compression, a buyback and SRP. I play USTZ-EST in the evenings. The character is in Jita with no assets, so I am ready to go.

I am also on Discord so you can send me an invite to chat further if that works.

Thank you

Hello !

In case wormholes may interest you!

I am currently in a corporation called : Holy Hunters who lives in C5-C5 which gives great Small gang PvP and good Solo ISK making. That said, we’re a PVP focused corporation which we use most of our time scanning or rolling for content.

We’re all US time zone, looking to grow up that time zone. We love to take fights, even if we are being outnumbered. We are a social group of people who play other games as well.

Our corp’s goal is to grow large enough to take all fights and defend smaller WH corporation from evictions. If that sounds interesting, here is a discord link :

Thank you - I don’t think I’m ready for WH life yet from an SP perspective

Wormhole space isn’t much about SP as much as a perspective on playing EVE and PvPing with risks.

For lower SP, salvaging or gas mining is really profitable. It would be easily 100 to 300m per night.

If you have a desire to learn PvP and make ISK on the side, hit us up. I’d trained lower SP pilots in a C4 before :slight_smile:

We are recruiting :slight_smile:

If you hate HS mining you will hate NS mining. Its the exact same thing with more risk but higher isk. Still boring as heck.

If you want to learn to fly small ship small gang fights or want to try missions, abyssals, incursions, or exploration send me a EVEmail. I can help get you in a corp that does all of those things and help bring newbros up to the high end content in those areas.

You’ll base in HS and fly into LS, NS, WH to do some of it and some of it you can do from HS. Finding a solid social group is half the battle in staying hooked on EVE too. Even with the best content if the Corp is bad you’ll end up quitting again.

Hey bro, sounds like you fit in well with our geoup we have access to private moon 100% srp for alliance ops and 80 % buyback for anything you want to sell to corp. Hit me up lets get this ball rolling.

Gers Jakuard, You can come try mining with us and explore a lot of other options for PVE. We’d be happy to help you find your thing.
Ping us back or join the discord for a further chat.

Welcome to FREGE! we may be the fit for you.

You are probably asking yourself How can I make the most isk possible. Or How can I get to blow ■■■■ up on a regular. Whichever it may be the following is a list of our current Divisions and thier roles in the Corporation.

Mining - This division is the backbone of any organization and FREGE is no exception. If you join the Mining Division You will be participating in mining ops from top quality resources secured by FREGE. Bistot, Crokite, also ops to mine the needs for our Manufacturing Division.

Manufacturing- This Division is the cornerstone to creating the content we all enjoy. It feeds our Markets, Military, and Mining with the equipment needed to rule the Universe.

Marketing Division- This Division is what fuels our constant demand for ISK. It is our bread winner. Utilizing the accumulative work of the other divisions It turns our hard work into Hard Cash.

Security Division - This Division is charged with protecting Corporate Assets in space. Mining Op security, Logistics Security, Base Defense. Without Security our we lose our assets, it is the key component to maximizing our capabilities.

Military Division - This Division is Charged with Showing force and the Might of FREGE. It is comprised of Elite Combat Pilots who fight the wars for our assets and resources. They are often sent into 00, low-sec, WH space where ever they are needed to secure the safety of FREGE Members and Territory. Ensuring the survival of our way of life.

Intelligence Division - This Division is charged with Monitoring Threats to FREGE. both internal and external. Be prepared to wear many hats as information is always at a premium. Anywhere from creating spy’s to infiltrate our enemies to gathering intel in cov ops ships for fleet maneuvers.

Logistics Division - This division is charged with moving goods and assets throughout the Alliance Trade hubs. They link all the divisions together in and are the bloodline of our Organization.

Each division is of equal importance. They all work together to form A chain that is strong enough to allow each of us to Enjoy the aspect of the game we want too. While having an enjoyable time whilst we do so.

Please send me an evemail privately of which division you want to be a part of.

The FREGE community has been around for 18yrs in January. We welcome you into the fold and hope that your time is as enjoyable as it has been for the thousands that have come before.

Thank You for your Time,

Hey Gers,

Are you still looking for a corp? If so, you sound like you’ll be right up our street for who we’re looking for.

We have a highsec and nullsec base of ops, with no obligations like paps and faps and fats and whatnots.

The ONLY request is that when structures do come under fire, we all make some sort of effort to turn up, but that is on a corp level, and if it’s not in your timezone, then so be it.

Would love to chat with you further. Please see spam below:

✯ AUTZ ✯ ISK ✯ PVE ✯ Industry ✯ PVP ✯
Long-standing corporation, recently undergone complete overhaul. We are looking for both veteran and newbro pilots.

We have a presence both in nullsec and highsec, and will remain ‘Not War Ellibigle’ for the foreseeable future.

Mature audience. Bring candy. Primarily AUTZ corp, but alliance is USTZ.

We offer a comprehensive rewards scheme and league ladder:

✯ Top Point Earners
✯ Top Bounty Earner
✯ Mining Ops
✯ Top Miners of the Week

Other main points include:

✯ Not War Ellibigle
✯ No SP requirements
✯ Highsec+Nullsec base
✯ Easy-going environment
✯ We play a host of other games as well

Ingame channel: Coalition of Carebears
Website application:

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