๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ UK-US-AU-EU - Active Established Null sec Corporation - GoonSwarm Federation - Looking for miners - Ratters and PvP pilots - I-FED

Proud Members of GoonSwarm Federation


Who are we?

We are a large and active multi time zone online gaming community where itโ€™s all about eve online , mainly consisting of Gamers , Nerds , and Geeks of all nationalities itโ€™s a very fun place to be

IFED is currently recruiting. We are part of Goonswarm Federation and The Imperium Coalition. While We are a big corporation, We still retain the close atmosphere of a small corporation.

[I-FED] is a place for these people to thrive and enjoy the game in the safe company of other such people , And where you can join in with a Multitude of Activities , From Dread Bombs , to Mining OPS , From Capital Production and wormhole evictions To full scale Invasions of Sov space with thousands of other nerds , but our main focus as a Large Null Corp is to make isk and Defend our Allies and our space in which we live !


Belong to a massive online group , come fight for the Empire , Join us and become an imperial shock trooper

Community is important

Being part of a community means , that we as hardcore gamers understand that most of us spend our waking hours online in games like eve online , We understand the kinship you seek , whether that means u wake up at 4 am cos you cant sleep?? there will be someone online for you to chat to . we are always here

Currently in our primetimes of activity are early EU and we are very interested in Expanding our ranks to you if you like blowing up space pixels or just want to be apart of a decent online community. ( Active 24 hours a day )

What we do

Our chilled corp , does a bit of everything , exploration , Complexs from 8/10 to the hard but lucrative 10/10โ€™s , but mainly we focus on making isk to spend on nice toys and making new friends


We also do deployments where we go to a region anywhere in eve and set up a FOB from which we smash the granny out of our targets
currently we are in a War vs SAPI

I-FED wormhole Eviction - J111543 - 25/08/2020 Kikimora - YouTube We also do wormhole evictions every couple of months as well as some merc jobs

Organised special interest groups like Bomberwaffe and Welpsquad where we go out in very organized PvP fleets with special doctrines that destroys anything in our way can be extremely fun - our FCโ€™s are super awesome in that respect and 9 times out of ten u will have fun

Having fun is the aim of the game - so whether you wanna make Isk or PvP with a bunch of good people come and give us a try , we are new bro friendly so if your new we will help you see eve from a different perspective and help you grow into what you wanna be , miners who want boosted fleets also welcome . we have everything out here , join our online community


We use alot of different doctrines from small ships like interceptors and bombers to mess around with . To ships like the humble muninn and nightmares with logistics and we also use capitals to smash bigger targets up quite alot of the time . so caps and supers are used alot in our ops too , one of our main Corp Doctrines is the Retribution

What we require to join

  • We ask that you are willing to join in with corp and alliance activities

  • 5 Million Skillpoints

  • The ability to use voice coms (Mumble)

  • Being able to support yourself is a bonus but we do supply ships for corp ops ( corp insured )

  • To be respectful of others as we also have more than a few a few ladies

  • Active players who want to make isk

  • Especially looking for Miners / Ratters and PvP players from all time zones

  • Your main character must obtain 5 Fleet Attendance Participation links ( FAPs ) per month

  • Log in to Mumble, Jabber, and Utilize the forums


What we can offer you!!!

  • Very Chilled and friendly corp

  • The VERY best 0.0 space with the BEST Plexs

  • Ship Replacement scheme for pvp losses

  • Isk making rich environment ( home space )

  • Ship Replacement Program

  • Extremely Profitable 0.0

  • Be apart of a very efficient Alliance

  • A feeling of belonging somewhere

  • An abundance of DeD plexs to probe out and explore

  • Safe areas to PVE

  • Corp Capital fleet which is handed out free to members for ops

  • ABCM ores and moon OREs

  • SuperCap market

  • Fun PVP deployments

  • Pve fleets

  • Moon mining R4 upto R64

  • Alpha Clone Friendly

  • Small Fleet PVP

  • Large Scale Fleet PVP

  • Capital and Titan Warfare

  • Full Ship Replacement Program Alliance SRP(PVP for Free or close to it)

  • Ratting in some of the best space in the game

  • Null sec Incursions

  • Specialized Squads and Interest groups to join.

  • Free Frigates for PVP

  • Fun Fleet roams & Serious Fleets.

  • The most well stocked Null-Sec region market in EVE.

  • Jump freighter service to and from Jita and other areas.

  • Free ratting ships for new members

  • Mumble, Jabber, Forums, and Discord

Become an imperial shock troop Today

So if you are interested and donโ€™t want to waste your time in some crappy border zone small dead corp with no community and would like to become one of us โ€ฆ just contact me in game Or join ImperiaI Federation channel ingame or join our Discord

Want to use your dread ?
Join the Federation today !


Sign up Today

Returning after long hiatus looking for UK mining/Industrial and exploration Corp
Ready to Delete
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110 Mil SP
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Returning player 2 accounts both over 60mil sp. looking for casual Corp Lowsec null sec or wormhole, no high sec corps please
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Retracted - Found what I wanted
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Home needed
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170m+ sp Cap pilot
Oldish, new player looking for a corp!
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Returning 50m SP Indy trader
150 million pilot can fly just about everything including caps and fax
Intersted in joining a friendly corp
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[US] Looking for a women-friendly corp!
Returning player - what's new?
2 rather stupid, clueless IRL tgirls looking for corp
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:uk: 81m Sp Fax/Subcap Pilot
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UK, 94m SP. Looking for an EUTZ Null corp
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Looking for corp
Looking for corp
Looking for new corp
Looking for corp
Looking for a corp
LF Corp - NS Mining
Returning Pilot looking for pvp corporation, 34mil sp
96 mil SP Character and 46 mil Indy toon looking for Null Indy/PVP corp
Returning after a very long break
Looking for Null Sec mining corp
64M SP Main W/ 30M sp Cap alt and other alts for various uses. Looking for nullsec corp
Here again
Aspiring FC looking for a corp
Looking 4 a 0.0 PvP Corp
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Looking for Corp that palys together
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INDY / miner LF new Home
Returning player
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75m SP looking for corp null/WH
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Multiple 100m+ sp multiboxer returning to game
75M sp Pilot looking for nullsec corp - EU tz
[NS] Rorq/indy pilot looking for a home EUTZ
Returning player looking for null sec ratting
Returning EU Player LF EU Corp 29.5M SP
Returning Player Looking for a Home
Bored, looking for null ratting/mining Corp to join
Returning US player LF null corp. 75m sp, 5 alts
EU returning player LF home
Returning EU player looking for NS
[EU] 160m SP looking for new home
Returning Player Looking for a Home
Looking for a new home in null sec
Returning player lf corp
[NS] Rorq/indy pilot looking for a home EUTZ
75M sp Pilot looking for nullsec corp - EU tz
Looking for home, out of retirement
Returning Player
Returning US player LF NullSec Corp
Returning Vet Looking for Fun , active new Null home
33m Sp looking for a home
Returning Player looking for Corps
Former Provi Player looking for home
176 mil sp pilot Looking for pvp corp
73 Mill SP Electric Bogaloo lets try this again [EUTZ]
NZ 40M SP - Looking for null sec Mining Corp
[IFED] Mercenary Service ๐Ÿ’ฅ
Old player looking to return
Looking for free drama null sec corp
Searching for null sec alliance
Group of 5 Veterans Looking for Sov Null Home
Veteran 230m SP main with lots of alts looking for LS/NS pvp corp/alliance
73m SP Pvp player looking for a corp
New Australian player looking for corp
LF Corporation PvP/PvE and / or mining Related
Returning 90+ mill skill player looking for something
Returning Pilot looking casual corp (80 Million SP)
86mil sp pvp LFC
Yet another persons recruitment post
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Returning 75m sp looking for something different
RECRUITER - Seeking Good Corps
Looking for new relaxed home
Player Looking For New Corp - Multiple Chars - Pirate Roots
Join the war?
Returning player, last played in 2013. 130mil sp. EST
114 mil/sp player looking for new home null/low
3x account player (230/110/55 mill s/p ) looking for low sec pvp fun AU/EU tz
Multi account player with total 200m sp looking for new Home
240mil sp UStz noob looking for a lowsec home
Looking for a mining corp
New Player Looking for Corp within low/null for mostly ratting
106 Mil SP Returning Player
Returning Player looking for PVP, Industrial and Mining
Returning Player looking for PVP, Industrial and Mining
Pvp pilot with 121m sp - seeking EU based corp
30 million SP looking for a corp with clean comms
Looking for group!
New Player Looking for a mining corp
Player Looking For New Corp - Multiple Chars - Pirate Roots
Returning player 34M SP looking for laid back nullsec or wh corp
New EVE, Who Dis? Lonely returning player seeking company (170mil SP)
Lf indy corp 10Msp
LF New Home
Returning looking for corp
Looking for corp to chill and mine
Returning looking for corp
Returning old player needs retraining
New corp
Looking for really active PVP Corp
2x 40m sp toons looking for small/nano gang PVP
Returning Player ~50m sp main
Null sec pi corp
Hello everybody
132M Returning Player Needs Home
106 Mil SP Returning Player
126mil sp and then some pilots looking for a pvp Home
LF active null/lowsec pvp corp
Looking for a Corp 26 Million
150 mil/sp Returning Player w/ 50 mil/sp Research/Manufacturing Alt Looking for a Home
Looking for relaxed/family friendly PvE corp
[EU] Returning player is looking for a corp
(EU) LF a corp
Returning and looking for a large 0.0 group to chill, farm and fleet
Need null sec corp to join
Returning player Multiple 50 mil+ characters looking for new null home
Returning player look for blops or small gang
Returning Player 96m Sp
I'm looking for a mining corporation
Returning and looking for a large 0.0 group to chill, farm and fleet
123m sp main with 2 capital alts returning after summer lull - EU TZ - Looking for null pvp
Returning Player 96m Sp
Looking for casual friendly 0.0/Low sec corp
Returning Player 158M SP
Small industrial corp looking to get access to low or null sec
170+ Mil SP pilot Looking for new home
Veteran Looking For a Corp
New player looking for friendly corporation
Returning player looking for fun Corp with a PvP focus
Looking for a place to call home
91m SP PVPer looking for a chill home
LF Nullsec Corp for Multiple toons
48.5 Mil SP Vet Looking for Corp
125 mil Sp toon and 2 alts looking for pvp corperation
Returning Player Looking For Null Sec Established Alliance
48.5 Mil SP Vet Looking for Corp
Looking for a new alliance
57m Casual miner/pve'r looking for home. +alts
LF PVP Focused Corp/Alliance - 145m SP + multiple useful alts
Looking for a mining and industrial corporation
160 sp PvP/ Indy pilot looking for null corp EST time zone
Carrier pilot / miner / producer / hauler
Looking for home, out of retirement
90M SP Indy Main + 84M SP Subcap toon + Assorted Supporting Alts Looking for Nullsec Home
Returning player looking for a home
Returning player needs a home for 7 toons and their alts
1 year old 12m sp alpha Pilot looking for corp
Looking for home round providence
130m SP pvp pilot. looking for medium size gangs
Looking for Corp, New player
Returning player looking for Corp (US) to get back in to Eve
86+ mill sp looking for lowsec pvp corp
Returned to the game recently
98mil sp indy pilot with 4 accounts looking for a home
UK Player LF Nullsec Corp
Returning player looking for new home
Returning casual player
Returning Old School Pirate
UK Player LF Nullsec Corp
Beginning miner LFG
160M+ Sup Cap logi pilot
Returning player
Returning player
98mil sp industrialist looking for null sec industrial opportunities
36m chimera and proteus/loki pilot
Returning PvPer Looking for a Gate Camping Corp
LF nullsec corp ~80m SP
Returning Logi specialist looking for casual 0.0 home
2 pilot player (56mil and 40mil SP) returning from break
Returning vet looking for a new home
56m SP Pilot coming back to the game after a long break
Back from a break, 18,5m SP. SWE
70m with 40m alt- Back after 8 years!
Returning player 63m looking for pvp corp
128m SP not-so-bitter vet returning
Old Vet looking for a New Home
Multi Account Player Returning to game
45m char looking for nullsec mining corp
Looking for a new home EUTZ
PvP n00b looking for a corp to learn
LF 24/7 alliance/corp
107m SP char Looking for new home
210 mil sp pilot
147mill char looking for a new home
Old player Just returning LF corp
0.0 vet looking for new home
Looking for a home
Please close
Looking for EUTZ Corp
I am looking for a friendly corporation
Indy/logi looking for shenanigans
40&50m SP returning player looking for home
New Player Looking for Null Mining
Looking for active fleet warfare
No longer looking
Looking for corp that has tons and tons of relic/hacking sites that I can use. Any such corps available?
Looking for an active UK/EU corp/alliance
Lf nullsec corp eutz
Returning all round player, 60mill sp looking for null or WH corp
106 Mil SP Returning Player
120 mil PVP pilot looking for Null sec corp in a sov holding alliance
Returning Player, 33m SP, LF corp
All-round team player, looking for a new project - 185m SP (2004)
Veteran player coming back
Aussie looking for community focused corp
Looking for a null sec corp 72m SP
LF Mining Corp in Null/WH
Returning 130mill SP
2012 107m main looking for C5 corp, or null?
Looking for a nullsec home
Looking for null sec
Still looking
Returning Pilot Seeks New Abode
Looking for a corp/home
Please help, I really want a new corp
Searching for new home o7
Returning Player 68m SP

Also , If there any chilled small high sec corps that would like to join us as part of our every growing community , please contact me ingame


1st daily bump before work


Weโ€™ve grown to a nice 60 members today an given out 50 battlecruisers :heart::+1:


Still recruiting , and also looking for more teachers


This corp has helped alot of people so far , and has grown to nearly 100members in 2 weeks , we still need teachers and like minded people to come join our cause


Still recruiting good people


Morning bumpage before work :heart::heart::heart::heart:


we had some fun earlyer

everyone welcome


still looking for new players


Good morning everyone , people are all welcome still


All welcome


One bump per day please. Youโ€™ve been warned before.


Lol come on mate ! Iโ€™m a few like 4 hours out , technically itโ€™s the next day as Iโ€™ve slept and been to work :sunglasses::+1:



Bumping to the top


bumpedy bump


Nearly at 200 members :grinning::+1: wow


Still growing nicely , mined with 15 others tonight for 5 hours and discused our new pvp fleet doctrine and tactics , great night with great people


I joined about 18-20 days ago, thanks to my work schedule Iโ€™ve not been able to join any of our group activities (that happen several times a week) but Iโ€™ve seen many going on and the Corp is quite active and helpful. Since Iโ€™ve started Iโ€™ve been informed on how to better equip many of my ships and how to play more efficiently.

Cmon what are you waiting, join in on the fun!


Still recruiting players from all time zones , join us as we build our friendly empire