New player needs help. With defense of a space station


I am new player, and I started playing this game one week ago, because I was bored. As I started, I remembered one guy I used to play another games, and contacted him.

He is still active, and has a problem. He used to run Corporation of 700 people, but these days he is the only active player, and I believe the corporation has 5 players total. They used to have 3 space stations. Two of them are already destroyed, including his own. And now there is a lot of people, who have declared war on the last space station.

Long story short, he declared me his top diplomat, and tasked me with the defense of his space station.
The only possible course of action is to raise an army, of course.

With this I would like to ask for help individuals and corporations to create and join the defending forces.
The offer is to have fun PvP and I have heard there exist even loot in this game :japanese_ogre:
We cannot lead such a force, sadly, so there must be someone else willing to command.

There are 4 battles planed so far, the first starting approximately in two days, that will be Friday.

If you are willing to help, please leave contact info here.
Or you can contact my friend in the game, but please, only if you speak German, he does not speak English. His ingame name is Vincent Vega.
Or you can contact me , my ingame name is Yuki Inko. But since I am not so good with the game’s interface, maybe it would be better leave your contact here.

By the way, the corporations name, you will be hopefully defending is X-Team Industries, the space station’s name is Bhizheba - 24H Relax Center Atlantis (X-Team Industries) Engineering Complex - Sotiyo. Something like that.

One cherry on the top.
I come from a country, that come to existence after World war I.
After it was created, a French general took a look at the map and proclaimed: ‘’ Gentleman, the only person who can defend your borders is your minister of foreign affairs. ‘’
Of course we were the first being screwed when the second world war began.
The moral is: Do not the history repeat itself !!!

Thanks for your help.

Yuki Inko

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Contact goons. They will help. Small but organized force somewhere in Delve…

And no, your country is not “the first being screwed when the second world war began”. My was.

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More Fleets will always show up to blow that Fort up. Best option would be to sell it to a larger Corp or Alliance.

Welcome to EvE.

Why did he expect a new player to have a snowball’s chance in hell of defending his station? Especially when the experienced player is clearly incapable of doing anything about it himself.

I don’t see this going well, unless the poster above is correct in assuming goons will help out.

Which country are you from?

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Ok, oba mluvíme o tom samém, zapomeň na to.

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Hello and welcome to Eve,

Sorry to hear about your friend and his in-game situation. Could check on contacting various Merc Corps and hire them to defend the station.

Good luck to you and your friend.

You did not make the good choice writing this post

  1. the soluce for you is to hire mercenary alliance/corp
  2. if you don’t have enough money to hire them, the rule in eve is that “you own something if you can defend it” (sovereignty, citadel, etc). If you have neither money neither friends/allies to defend it, then you deserve to loose your citadel
  3. you should not have written here your name and your friend’s name. Actually, what many people read will be “this structure will be easy to kill, nobody will be able to defend it” and therefore, more people will come to shoot it…
    Welcome to eve

You shouldn’t expect mercy for your friend and his incompetence or your own.
In EVE we love inflicting loses on others and kicking them when they’re down that’s just the way of things.


Thanks for the answers, I did not expect anything, do not worry, makes complete sense to me.
The whole thing was, when I was asked, I wanted to do maximum even knowing it will be in vain.
I did negotiate on behalf of my friends with those mercenary groups who are attacking him, and even contacted mercenary group which he was paying for protection. With no luck, they refused to help.
I am in charge, because my friend does not speak English, not at all, and I wanted to do everything possible, even when the chances were more than slim.
Please do not stress yourself over this post.

Thank you for your advices though.

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By the way do you happen to take in some new players into your corporations?
I mean people watching this post. As I said, I started a week ago, and I am looking for some group to play with.
I am spending my time mining ore in high sec so far, would like to try some PvP.
I already checked the recruit posts here in forums, and I have already written to a few people, but if someone is looking for a noob, he can leave me contact here, I would be glad.


And do you love it when that shoe is on somebody else kicking you?

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