New player PvP corp - idea

I assume this idea has been had, and tried, before, but I wanted to see if people would share their thoughts with me on this proposal. Start a corp in active pvp low-sec space, probably Black Rise. Create newbie-ish fits of t1 frigs that expose players to aspects of pvp - ewar, tackle, varied weapon systems, etc. Offer new players 5 ships of a specific fit they choose and when they lose those ships as reflected on zkill, let them have 5 more. Shouldn’t cost to much to fund. You might even be able to put up some manufacturing structures to help with costs. Locals might ignore you since you’re basically fodder for their zkill. I feel like this idea might be flawed, but I can’t yet see how.

I am considering doing something like this again based my old Somali BootCamp idea. Where newbros with t1 fitted cheap ships would just Wardec people and kill them in frigate/cruiser swarm groups. this worked really well.

I funded it all and replaced all the costs for ships lost within Somali BootCamp.

I am considering something like this again but as you mentioned for Lowsec. The problem is the newbros need to understand that they should be ok with going -10. As a -10 char you are very limited in your isk making abilities besides ratting in low/null/wh once they decide to go their own way.

You need to be able to fund this for new players because even 10mil can be a devastating loss to a newbie.

The structure idea I do not like. NPC station, next to entry point for ships/item delivery.

There’s a few PVP roam groups that do excellent jobs of training noobes into fleet pvp and solo pvp

Similar corporations have absolutely been successful in the past. There are probably a few like that even now, but I’m a little out of touch with current events so I don’t know where to direct you.

I myself started something like that in NPC nullsec, probably 7 or 8 years ago. The biggest challenges for me were the logistics of moving ships and stuff out to Curse, and getting people to try FCing fleets. I didn’t recruit enough people who were willing to help out with these aspects, so I took on too much of it myself and got burnt out after a year or so. We had fun while it lasted though.

In lowsec, logistics will be easy but you still want to encourage people to step up and FC fleets if you want to succeed. Solo PvP is great but group content is what builds the culture and sense of story that the best corporations have.

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