New player who only wants to mine

Is there any fun corps out there who work in as a primarily industrial corporation without the hassle of required fleet up quotas per month etc, I really just want to get out and shoot some rocks while having idle chat with other players!

As a player I have less than a month of experience and since i have this obsession for mining my skills are completely rushed into obtaining my exhumer. This being said i have skills to be able to operate an exhumer but not the resources or money to purchase one. My go to ore ship and always will be is a retriever for solo mining and group mining the really big ore hold is really fun to me. Being said that means im aiming for the mackinaw. Im not very sweaty of an eve gamer so Ill probably always stay stuck on the mackinaw!

But yeah long story short I want a primarily industrialized corp just lmk!

Give us a look! Stop by our in-game channel or discord and let’s see if our goals align!

We might fit the bill. We have 2 corporations one is PvP [FUASS] and the other PvE/industry [WTFUG], both give access to Nullsec ore and facilities.

Hey man, we are a new corp mainly focused on our people and enjoying the game as a group. We are mixed into just about everything but currently focused on mining and industry mostly. You’d be welcome to join us and learn from our experienced players. Definitely welcome to be in comms with us any time. Join our discord to learn more about us and we can have a chat.

your more then welcome

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Get paid to mine!

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