:explodyparrot: ***NEW PRICE*** WTS 43 mil 2010 CHAR -Lowered- -HK-Explorer-Fleet Booster

I sell myself:

Edit: Seems like people aren’t as excited about this guy as I am, therefore starting bid has been lowered.

43 M SP +


Amarr - Khanid - Cyber Knights
No Kill Rights
Located in HighSec
Positive wallet
Unallocated SP 686,570
Security Status 0.0
Date of Birth 2010-09-03
Corp: Ministry of War

Slimmed and maxed char:
107 known skills / 60 skills at 5

Skill Highlights:

Perfect Fleet Support skills
Perfect Scanning/Probing skills
Perfect Navigation skills
Perfect Support/Tanking/Engineering skills
Cyno 5
Cybernetics 5 
Perfect Rigs
Perfect Subs

Perfect Astero/Tengu/Legion Support Character/Scout/Prober/Hacker/HK Etc


Full set of mid-grade-virtues +
Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Acquisition AQ-710
Poteque ‘Prospector’ Astrometric Rangefinding AR-810
Skirmish Command Mindlink

And a full set of basics (+3)

Start bid at 35 bil.

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25b offer

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Too low

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27 bil

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Too low for me but thanks for the bid

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31b offer

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That’s better but I still want moar!

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31.5 bil

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32b offer

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I did some maths regarding the price point for the SP this guy has:

If you train this guy yourself 100% with a set of full +3. You get 2520 SP/hour -> ~22 mil SP/year. Which makes it a full two year old guy. (Not taken into account the diversity in the skills attribute dispersion like fleet boosting and spaceship command, scanning etc. All of which needs to be redistributed to have these results above.)

And 1 plex cost ~3.5 mil -> 42 bil for 2 year worth of plex = 500x24 (months)

Imho this guy is worth something along those lines. If not tell me what I have missed.

Also he has 1 full set of useful (for his skillset and trade) implants.

He’s also smoking!


But you don’t have to remap him! He’s already maxed out :slight_smile:
Anyway, bid noted, auction will go on for bit longer.



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Useless character, as a basis he does not pull, and buy a bum which needs to be trained on half a year in different capital directions nobody needs for 35bil, give for it 18bil and no more, in itself messy SP mean nothing

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Eh, you playing my little pony online? Ah, that explains it.

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Auction will end by the years end 31/12.
If you want this guy I will sell for something above the 36 b.

Special price until 31/12 - 36 bil.
You want him you got him for 36b - after new years eve I will restow my crew and he wont be available for sale.

hey i am jack .
36B buy you pilot.
isk to the Smokin Phil ?

I’ll take bid above 36 bil - ie: 37b and beyond.

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ISK has given you your ID, my account has been sent to you, please complete the transfer as soon as possible, thank you.