New Rattlesnake Meta

The new Hivaa Saitsuo ballistic control modules present an interesting new meta for the Rattlesnake. Here are some updated damage numbers from Pyfa (V skills, no implants).

Existing T2 Meta:
5x Cruise Missile Launcher II (Inferno Fury) + 2x Ogre II
3x Ballistic Control System II, 3x Drone Damage Amplifier II
DPS: 1540 (786 missile, 754 drone)

Existing Faction-T2 Meta:
5x Cruise Missile Launcher II (Inferno Fury) + 1x Gecko
2x Faction Ballistic Control System, 1x Ballistic Control System II
2x Faction Drone Damage Amplifier, 1x Drone Damage Amplifier II
DPS: 1591 (821 missile, 770 drone)

Existing Faction Meta:
5x Cruise Missile Launcher II (Inferno Fury) + 2x Augmented Ogre
3x Faction Ballistic Control System, 3x Faction Drone Damage Amplifier
DPS: 1720 (833 missile, 887 drone)

NEW T2-Hivaa Meta:
5x Cruise Missile Launcher II (Inferno Fury) + 2x Ogre II
2x Ballistic Control System II, 2x Drone Damage Amplifier II
2x C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System
DPS: 1593 (829 missile, 763 drone)

As you can see, for an approximate $100-120m ISK expenditure for the pair of C3-X Hivaa’s you yield more DPS than the base T2 meta as well as the T2-Faction meta (in addition to saving about -$480m ISK over the T2-Faction fit).

In fact, a fully Faction-Hivaa fit generates 1750 DPS (+30 DPS more) while actually costing -$120m ISK less (you lose 3 drone DPS, gain 34 missile DPS and drop your base rate of fire from 8.59s to 8.4s).

Contrary to what players were initially reporting, these modules actually buff missile and drone damage.

What’s really slick is that you can still run a relatively effective Rattlesnake fit with only four (4) Faction modules:

NEW Optimized T2-Hivaa Meta:
5x Cruise Missile Launcher II (Inferno Fury) + 2x Ogre II
1x Ballistic Control System II, 1x Drone Damage Amplifier II
2x C3-X ‘Hivaa Saitsuo’ Ballistic Control System
DPS: 1482 (780 missile, 703 drone)

This is only 58 DPS less than the full T2 fit and frees up two low slots. This opens up a lot of interesting possibilities - especially with the increased 815m3 cargo space and targeting range (passive fits can now be optimized with a lot more damage). So get out and run that Hunt!



Considering that you lose DPS thanks to application issues if you focus on the missiles, that’s a bad deal.

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Agreed Drone’s have amazing tracking abuse it, missile damage is the cherry on top.

How exactly is the same drone damage + more missile damage necessarily a bad deal? You actually get more total DPS with an active fit and this is nothing but a boost to passive fits, since the pair of Hivaa’s basically give you the equivalent of 4 of each damage module.

More time killing small ships, means longer completion times.

You have heard of rapid heavy missile launchers, right? With implants and a single T2 hydraulic rig I think my fit is putting out close to 1800 DPS with an 80km missile range.

I’m not exactly sure what you guys are exactly looking for here. You can get the Hivaa’s for free just running the event, so I’m not sure how much more served up on a silver platter you need this… And if you want to abuse drones - run a pair of omni tracking enhancers on the two low slots that are now at your disposal. Or tank your Rattler even more…

Your optimized fitting sacrifices drone DPS for a free low slot, while missiles apply DPS worse than drones, which means you have to fit a BGE to compensate.

Rigor, rigor, rigor… Anyone that runs cruise missiles will typically run at least one rigor or a target painter. And you always have rapid heavies as an alternative (which don’t require missile guidance computers). I personally don’t use cruise missiles, but since most do (and the Rattlesnake just had it’s targeting range buffed) that’s what I listed in the stats.

Far be it for me to tell you how to fit your Rattlesnake. I’m just putting some information and numbers out there.

Hi Guys!

Here’s what I’ve been trying to figure out. Does anyone know if the Hivaa (A and X versions) will still be drops after the Hunt is over? I am wondering if they will become “special rares” like the Gecko drones that will never be replenished.


Yeah, I think they’ll be fairly rare. It’s anyone’s guess whether they’ll reappear in future Gurista events, but I wouldn’t count on it. They’re cheap now and fairly plentiful from drops - so now is the time to either snag them from the market or run them down in the Hunt.

I don’t think the DPS loss is relevant. For example:

I run a cruise missle boat with missle DPS above 900 (I don’t run meta, prefer my own for insertreasonsinhere). With just 1 computer and 1 enhancer I 2-3 shot most cruisers and BCs and battleships go down relatively quick.

I switch to precision missles since reload is only 10 secs, and take out all frigs + destroyers on grid. Regular frig destroyer still takes 2 shots at point blank, 1 shot at range and lined up, elite or very fast moving takes 3 at point blank, 2 if near optimal and lined up.

With the precision missles my DPS drops to 600+ but its irrelevant because I save time and simplify things by being to reliable hit and kill frigs and small ships at point blank, even some cruisers go down faster with precision missles instead regular, depends which ones.

That’s just cruise missles. Then drones on top of that, then I can go RHMLs on top of that and get even better more uniform application, but need more tank with RHMLs vs Cruise.

Even if I end up losing like 30-60 seconds per room, its just so well worth the less headaches.

Ah, the old “What I mine is free” argument. Well played.

Or you can PLEX them. Whatever floats your Rattle…

I got a bunch for 50ish mil, that’s cheaper than any faction DDA or BCU. Heck the few I bought at 110m the first or second day of the event are still cheaper than a faction DDA or BCU right now. Current price is around 70mil, and there’s a decent chance the price will keep going up. Not much downside to at least holding on to a few.

in my experience a gecko will one volley most frigs, or you can use sentries to pick them off at range. Plus most missions have plenty of BS/BC where your missiles will apply fine.

application usually isn’t a problem I think of when I think of rattlesnakes.


Up until today’s patch you could make out like a bandit on The Hunt (two bosses spawned and you could farm the sites endlessly for loot). Now there’s only one boss, the loot droops are much poorer and the NPCs and boss warp off if you take too long.

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