New Setting / Deployable Structure - System Traffic Resonator

This Deployable will emit a system-wide sound when non-fleet/corp/alliance players jump into the system.

(It picks up and locates the sound of a star gate firing and relays it to all ships in the system.)

And of course, please also add some settings for the Deployable too…

For example:

Enable System Traffic Resonator’s of All/fleet/corp/alliance/etc

…Or scrap all that and just add a setting that plays a sound when people enter the system.


This would be perfect to make EVE safer for the players who are not at their keyboard while they are ‘playing’ EVE.

Imagine you could be cooking, doing the dishes, watching Netflix, working or reading a book, yet not lose your ship any time you miss it when hostiles enter local.

We really need this, CCP.


They could even program a bot to recognize the audio cue and do this without them being at their keyboard. Just imagine the possibilities.


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Why not a deployable that automatically explodes any non friendly when they enter the system, tractors & Loots their wreck, and autogenerates & sends the victim a evemail with some smack talk.

I mean, you obviously dont want to actually play the game…

Could program a bot to start a corporation, recruit, apply to alliance, wardec another corp and do PI.

There already are so many warning, alert and status sounds that soon we’ll have an orchestra in space and with all the whining it’ll really be a space opera then.


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