New Ship Idea: Covert drone Miner

Orca, porpoise. ccp have the theme not me. your unwarranted hostility is astounding.

less investment, less risk, quicker mining still overall albeit more labour intensive and less skill training required.

What is the real need for this?

It would be a stupid idea cause of highsec as the Orca itself is really good enough as is without a need for such a T2 version.


natural progression?

Reeks of power creep. Look, there will probably never be a new ship if you just propose it to be better at almost everything another ship already does. CCP has tried to get rid of “ship levels” with tiericide and you are just not adding anything other than a new ship level.

What if it was more pvp focused, with bonuses to scram and neut range, would that be less power creepy and more niche?

So a better Skiff? The problem is still that it mines better than the ships who are specialist miners. Scale down on the mining bonuses. It simply can’t be better than an Exhumer.

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I see your point, you’ll have to forgive me I wasn’t aware of this anti-ship levelling thing. perhaps my boost stats are a little off, I never intended it to outmine the exhumers.

you’re a clever one by the way, and civilised. I like you.

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That is not a need in this game, especially in industry.

We already have the final word for solo mining. Its called a Rorqual. And predictably, its only allowed in Low or Nullsec space.

Again, Already filled. Orcas are already a very big mouse.

Everything you state this ship should do, is already filled by other ships. The only other aspect, is the covert ops cloaking capabilities, but that wouldnt fly either.

Theres a reason why there are no covert ops ships above cruisers. There is no Covert ops Battlecruiser. There is no Covert Ops Battleship. No Covert Ops capitals. Its deemed too OP.

So i dont see what other reason your ship would have to exist, other than “I want a bigger ore hold so i can go AFK for longer”.

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I don’t like afk anything, and you would still be limited by the amount of time the drones take to eat each rock. with slightly-better-than-orca drone mining that would be even less. The Idea is to spend less time hauling when you don’t have an alt or friend for it, multi-boxing is something else I don’t like.

You have to realise, that this will also be used by multiboxers for great effect. It will make their gameplay easier as well, especially in Highsec this will just result in everyone using this better Orca to drone down the ice belts completely AFK more efficient than even a corp with Exhumers working together. Everyone would just be dumb to use anything else other than that t2 Orca.

Keep the ships maintenance bay and fleet hangar. These could potentially be the ships best attributes… Imagine a capital ship, capable of take a BLOPS bridge and carry reships in it’s maintenance bay.

I can see it right now. Imagine this “Belugar” taking the BLOPS bridge into a hot LZ. Immediately upon entering the grid, 3 of the stealth bomber pilots approach, and board the Sabres from it’s maintenance bay. Instant bubbles. Imagine the tears!

Excellent combat support ship… Shithouse mining vessel.

Thats what everyone says. But the reality is, this will only make it easier and will only be used as a means to AFk longer.

I dont understand what you mean by this. “Slightly better”, then followed up by “less”. Is it better, therefore more, or is it less, and therefore worse?

Again, its already a role that is filled by the orca. Orcas already have a 150k ore hold. 150,000. Thats huge. An orca mines around 70k m3 an hour with perfect skills, T2 mining drones and T2 mining drone rigs. It takes over two hours to fill up the ore hold.

Going back once every 2 hours to empty your hold, isnt a problem that i see needs to be rectified. I need to go back every 20 minutes with a mackinaw. This is already a huge difference, with 20 minutes and 2 hours.

What do you want? To go back once every 5 hours? If we balance your ship idea, with the orca, and decrease the amount of m3 that the drones mine, then its not going to change anything. You will spend less amount of time going back, but you will also lose the base yield over the orca, which means that the amount you actually mine, doesnt change, at all.

If you mine for 10 hours straight, you will have the same, or atleast similar, amount of ore for both ships. The only difference is, itll be easier to AFK in the “bulega” or whatever you want to call your ship. Thats it. Thats the only difference between your ship and the Bulega. Better AFK mining.

Endurance and Prospect

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Um…Rorqual says hi.

No on covert cloaking but I’d like to see a Rorqual equal in highsec.

…aaand we can all stop reading there.

Get a pen and a pencil and write 50.000 times:

The Orca is not a drone mining boat!!!


I think we need a t2 rorqual with interdiction nullifier