New ship scan window issues

From March patch notes:

The results from ship scans are now organized by slots

This is cool and all, but there are some serious issues:

  1. Ship scanner no longer reveals subsystems when you scan T3Cs.
  2. Ship scanner is very selective about charges loaded into modules (I scanned a friendly Tengu that had probe launcher and sensor booster fitted among other things. Scan resolution script was revealed, but probes weren’t)
  3. If you scan some ship, select all in scan window (ctrl-A) and then copy it to clipboard (ctrl-C), the clipboard receives one long string without any line breaks:

High Power Slots’Arbalest’ Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher IMedium Gremlin Compact Energy NeutralizerMedium Power SlotsAdaptive Invulnerability Field IIWarp Scrambler IILow Power SlotsBallistic Control System IIRig SlotsLarge Core Defense Field Extender ILarge Processor Overclocking Unit I

Before March patch, copied ship scan result had module names separated by linefeeds.


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