New skill not updating until after downtime

Has anyone else noticed an issue with new skills that have been trained not becoming active until after downtime?

For the last few weeks across all of my accounts I have had this problem. A skill will finish training but the stats for the skill, dps after training a T3 offensive subsystem skill for example, will not change. After downtime the next day however the increase would have been applied.

I have previously created a bug report for this but that time the skill finished training about an hr before DT so it was fixed automatically before I got a response. It has now happened again but this time with a much longer wait until it will fix its self.

Am I the only one this is affecting? Anyone got any work arounds for this?

ya it’s called relogging …

Thanks for your helpful answer.

Relogging has not fixed this problem for me. The last 2 times it has happened I the skill has finished training whilst I was logged out.

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