New Skills & potential industry office (Planetology)

Returning player here, I’ve been out 9+ years & I noticed that planetology still works, but the market seems like a ghost town.

After talking with some players, there seems to be many that just don’t even take an interest that it exists. So I thought this could be a potential opportunity for some skills at harvest allocation to industry players.

A player that does not want to follow industry & would rather just allocate the obligation to a corp-mate, or alt-toon could have a skill called something like Planetary Outsourcing. And an industry minded player could have a skill called something like Planetary Management. The Office location would be at some industry / processing station where players could authorize which planets could be leased or managed by an other player.

Say a gamer has one account with 2 capsuleers, One is for main gameplay, a second focusing on mining & industry . . . the main account could train outsourcing & permit the other to harvest & tier up planetology mats if they had sufficient skill at Planetary Management.

When I had taken my hiatus from Eve. . . planetology was buzzing. Here I am 10 years later, still curios to spin a few circles & a member of a potential corp I might be joining said he had never tried it, but maybe he’d give it a go. I get it, some players could care less, and others just can’t get enough. . . probably some players are sick of it and would rather have someone else manage their planets, or just kickstart an idle resource collector.

I have lots of catching up to do to get current in Eve, but I wanted to capture this thought into a suggestion before it went fleeting away.

Honorable sir, it is good that you are drawing inspiration from this game you have returned to, it marks the game as interesting for you.

For your thoughts, I, as inexperienced and often uninformed as I may be, would like to address one or two points I believe may be illuminated.

As I am unsure in what sense you mean this, I will address both at once:

  1. In sale orders, PI is still being posted, albeit sometimes having stocks dry up right before the PI players harvest from their production lines or when certain meta parts are bought out for a particular fleet composition.
  2. In buy orders, there are still people purchasing, albeit at low prices more often than not.

This second point in particular reveals the major reason PI is being ignored right now; there’s simply more being produced than is needed, causing prices to drop quickly. This, in part, is because most of the major industrialist interests are also running PI on the side in the areas they need it in, often with their alts involved as well, since it’s quite hands-off. I may need to be corrected on this, however, but that has been my observation. This means they are already, in general, supplying what they need and are mostly purchasing stuff they don’t need much of, or don’t need very often.

As for your thought… I may need to have it explained to me, but it appears to be no different than temporarily “lending” your skill levels in planetary interaction, as well as currently-held resources, to another pilot, is this correct? If so, the above issue still affects it, as there is already a bit of a glut on the market for PI, even if stocks are low (because it’s already being produced by those who want it and that means it’s not being purchased).

Again, I am pleased you are concerned about a favorite part of the game, as it indicates you enjoy it and, by extension, the game itself. If you have people interested in it, perhaps you could find someone interested in starting T2 research and could begin producing what they need in-house?

Regardless, welcome back and continue enjoying the game.

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PI is currently in the doldrums - partially because people are tired of waiting for CCP to finally remove POS and are reprocessing the useless arrays; and partially because changes to Upwell structure mechanics have reduced the incentive for small groups to own one.

This is a triple whammy for PI - more product coming to market, fewer structures being built and less fuel being consumed.

A lot of structures are being built and destroyed in Nullsec but these groups tend to be self sufficient as far as PI is concerned so have little impact on Empire markets. It would be interesting if CCP included PI in their resource redistribution scheme but there is no evidence that is part of the plan.

As a small manufacturer, my research/production characters are trained for PI and I am basically self sufficient for the P2 & P3 consumed in my T2 production. I suspect a lot of other industrialists are also making PI for personal use rather than selling it.

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