New, Small Ships

Every time you dock with a station, you see little lights entering and leaving the station as well. I am assuming those little lights are ships. But what kind of ships are they? Very small personal craft or mining ships? Maybe hauler ships or fighters. Being able to pilot one of the smaller light ships would be an adventure.

The smaller ships could represent a new level of game play. Personal ships that could never be attacked by rookie sized player ships and larger due to the nearly non-existent signature of the small ships but ships that would be able to attack other ships of similar size. The only defense against these small, personal ships would be combat drones.

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I believe they are inter-station cargo tugs. Not equipped for interstellar travel.

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Are we still allowed to strap a saddle on them and yell ‘DROP EM OUT, LET ME SEE THOSE ROOKIES?’

This particular aspect doesn’t work because no ship class should be completely immune to another ship class, just really hard to kill in some cases, be that the atron trying to kill the titan or the titan trying to track the atron. But under correct circumstances, smartbombs, heavy webs, drones, w/e, yes, every ship should at least have the possibility, no matter how unlikely, of killing another ship. I realize CCP has freighters in game who can do nothing offensively, but that’s just another example of how their rules and application of so many ships in the ‘capital’ range just don’t make sense.

Now, all that being said, yeah, I’d like to see more ships in the micro/single ship range. Fighters are already in the game. Let’s make 'em pilotable. For that matter, go ahead and have your little passenger shuttle, too, and then go run missions for the Gallente Bureau of Tourism by picking up your passengers and flying them to various points around the constellation for LP. There’s a lot of room in the ship and mission trees for expansion and new content without CCP having to change too much of the spaghetti code they don’t understand.


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