New social function to let other corp players know what you feel like playing at the moment

Works like this:

  1. The player sets his “type of play” labels. Labels can be: Solo, PVP, PVE, FW, Exploring … etc
  2. Other corp players can filter the list of active players for any label.
  3. Players use this function to find other online players that are willing to engage in the same playstyle and then engage to fleet up, start a conversation and generally speaking play with other players.

if you want a dungeon browser youre playing the wrong game dude …

and its no need for such a tool because you have chats where you can write down !
you have a corp for group gameplay ! just ask if anyone wants to mine in HS !

This pretty much exists: Open Fleet Finder, create a fleet, allow corp access, set your “type of play” label as fleet name

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