New Space background

Wow, I know i am only Ice Mining, lol

But this background just pops out at you! and no i am not going to tell you where i am

Can you guess where i am?



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And if it isn’t Chelien it’s Lamadent.

It’s pretty. Would love to see it in real…Maybe in the next life.

No I can’t and won’t even try.

It’s a bunch of barges in an ice belt somewhere in Sinq Laison as we can see from the skybox. The only currently active high sec ice belt in Sinq Laison is in Chelien. There’s another ice belt in Lamadent, but that’s low sec so less likely for some solo barges to be peacefully mining together while taking screenshots without UI.

Also a quick locator agent might have given the same info.


Thanks for the info. As I said, I won’t even try to guess.

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Wow, it sounds like you’re…

Yeah. That was bad… I’ll go away now.


Nice screenshot but it would have been better if the Sun and it’s glare wasn’t in it causing the nebula clouds to look all yellow.

Yes, it pops out as too damn bright.

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