New Station Fog + AMD = Bad FPS

Any way to turn off the fog inside the new station? I like the new design but I don’t know WTF is wrong with AMD cards but they cant render fog like NVIDIA does. My 6800XT goes up to 70-80% percent use inside the station at 100FPS while outside station or combat is constant 144FPS at low 40% usage.

I don’t have these issues with my RX6800. Stable 60-ish FPS everywhere

Have you turned V-Sync on? If I turn that off, my card also goes into helicopter mode but also stays around 50% load. But I have noticed a much higher power draw when I am in a structure than before.

somehow the AMD stuff works on my intel surface

I have V-Sync ON to limit FPS to 144 which is my monitor rate. The problem is the fog.

I have the same problem , my old 1070 donºt hold very well this new lading bays lightºs , so I play a littly with Grafic contente Setting and after open my 10 accounts and work’s very well for me . I leave here my settings Screenshot by Lightshot and on brightness i put +/- 85/90 %.

You’re not alone - 3070ti dislikes the fog as well and support has gone utterly silent. I went from running 20 accounts at once to struggling to run anything more than 6.

Once I undock, I can log on more accounts. It’s almost like 2016 with red moon rising, need to live out of POS’s or close all accounts and finally win EVE.

xD Here I am complaining about the fog for 1 account, you got 20? Dam.

Well, I’m also experiencing issues with FPS gone lower since the Uprising patch. I’m running a solid rig of 12900k and 3080ti at 1440p 240hz and the best FPS for me while inside citadels is from 90 to 120 fps. The solution was to turn off a new “ambient occlusion thing” and it will boost my FPS to a some degree.

And the funny part is that by completely turning off the ambiet occlusion while undocked in a quite place the difference between - disabled and high option is over 100 FPS O_o

Seems like I’d need a 4090 to play with 240 FPS in 1440p XD

Yes please can we do something about the fog bloom… it’s a bit much.
absolutely love the new station design, as someone who is a 3d artist, I totally appriciate the work that went into constructing all of the stations interiors. killer work actually. The greebling is off the chain…
The details are fantastic, I just wish I could see them behind all this fog .

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