New Testing Alliance

As the former alliance “doomsday testing” is no longer going to be formed every mirror i’m offering the same thing as Said in this post: Testing Alliance although not the same name. The Alliance’s name Is “Corporate Haven.”(with the . at the end) Feel free to apply at any time.

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To apply to the alliance:

Open the alliance tab in the corporation window
Open the rankings tab
Show all
Find “Corporate Haven.”
Right click and apply
I will process the app as soon as able and 24 hours after I accept your corporation will become part of the alliance.
For reasons, the sov transfer part is no longer available

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Application Submitted - please accept

Updated to new mirror, also bump

Le Bump

I have started Auxiliary testing alliance specialized in angel null space.

alliance name “Test Bong Please Ignore” applications due to legacy code take still 24 hours to bee ffective -,- npc-corp alts are also accepted to main corp for testing purposes - director roles are given out to evryone

Sotiyo is done anchoring in immensea, it will be fitted soon.

To ze top! (bump)

To The Top! (Bump)

Application Just Submitted

Excellent idea, application just submitted.

will accept, when i figure out how to fix a token error

I’m back on singularity, and ready for more applications! (Also, Bump)

badabumptothetop! (Bump)

Updated info. Bump.
With the mirror, we claimed sov in the system E-OGL4 (right next to the new testing system).

my kind of name

Application submitted.