New Testing Alliance

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As the former alliance “doomsday testing” is no longer going to be formed every mirror i’m offering the same thing as Said in this post: Testing Alliance although not the same name. The Alliance’s name Is “Corporate Haven.”(with the . at the end) Feel free to apply at any time.

Testing Alliance
(Jona Ambramotte) #2

To apply to the alliance:

Open the alliance tab in the corporation window
Open the rankings tab
Show all
Find “Corporate Haven.”
Right click and apply
I will process the app as soon as able and 24 hours after I accept your corporation will become part of the alliance.
For reasons, the sov transfer part is no longer available

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(Sum Dumguy) #7

Application Submitted - please accept

(Jona Ambramotte) #8

Updated to new mirror, also bump

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Le Bump

(Amak Boma) #10

I have started Auxiliary testing alliance specialized in angel null space.

alliance name “Test Bong Please Ignore” applications due to legacy code take still 24 hours to bee ffective -,- npc-corp alts are also accepted to main corp for testing purposes - director roles are given out to evryone

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Sotiyo is done anchoring in immensea, it will be fitted soon.

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To ze top! (bump)

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To The Top! (Bump)

(Eid Orlenard) #14

Application Just Submitted

(Predvodnica LSG) #15

Excellent idea, application just submitted.

(Jona Ambramotte) #16

will accept, when i figure out how to fix a token error

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I’m back on singularity, and ready for more applications! (Also, Bump)

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badabumptothetop! (Bump)

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Updated info. Bump.
With the mirror, we claimed sov in the system E-OGL4 (right next to the new testing system).

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my kind of name

(Broccoli Parmala) #24

Application submitted.