Testing Alliance

As of October 2015, and for as long as I am able, I have and will continue to create a public testing alliance for any who wish the join. In keeping with tradition, the alliance will be “Doomsday Testing” with the executor corp “Doomsday Executor Corp”. The alliance is open for all to join who wish to test sov, build supers, etc. Please note that this character will only be used for creating the alliance. Any alliance applications and requests for sov transfer will be processed by my alt Commodore John.

I do play in US TZ so the alliance usually will not be up within the first few hours of the mirror and any applications or requests will not be processed until the next day most likely. I will post in this thread once the alliance is up for each mirror.

The alliance is open to anyone who chooses to apply, no application will be rejected and any applications to the corp or alliance will be accepted as soon as I am able. Think of this like Pandemic Horde but on an alliance scale. Any questions, comments, or concerns may be posted in this thread.

If anyone has any reasonable services or suggestions they may like to see offered from the alliance in the future, please post here and they will be taken into consideration.

As of May 2017 I have decided to disallow applications to the executor corporation. Please create your own corp to apply to the alliance if you would like to join so that you are not restricted by roles. This will not impede supercapital construction due to reasons listed below.

With the introduction of Sotiyos, the ability to allow public super construction has been made even easier. I will anchor at least one Sotiyo, sometimes several depending on how busy I am when the mirror is taken, and have it set to public access. This means that anyone that is or is not a part of the alliance may use the Sotiyo to build their own supercapitals. Yes this means you can even build them from a NPC corporation should you decide to do so.

For information regarding which systems will have Sotiyos, please see the alliance description on Singularity as it will have the most up to date information regarding this should this thread end up being locked for lack of activity. Sov will normally be taken in either Pure Blind or Cloud Ring depending on availability of systems with seeded outposts.

The following information can be found in the alliance description on Singularity but I will post here for more visibility:

To apply to the alliance:

  1. Open the alliance tab in the corporation window
  2. Open the rankings tab
  3. Show all
  4. Find “Doomsday Testing”
  5. Right click and apply
  6. I will process the app as soon as able and 24 hours after I accept your corporation will become part of the alliance.

To claim sov should you choose to do so:

  1. Find an unclaimed system
  2. Drop an Infrastructure Hub and Territorial Claim Unit
  3. Use an Entosis Link on both of these structures
  4. Sov will be transferred to the executor corp controlled by me
  5. Mail the CEO of the executor corporation with the name of the system and the name of the corp to which you want sov transferred to
  6. I will transfer as soon as I am able. This will generally happen within 24 hours.

Link to old thread

This guy acts like he’s here to help but in truth his whole purpose in life is to destroy any and all Supers and Titans on the Test Server. He uses the “logoffski” tactic that was banned on TQ.

Buyer Beware!

Can you please provide evidence I have used this alliance for anything other than the purpose layed out in the OP? If you can provide any evidence of the executor corp (which consists only of me) doing anything other than providing a public place for people to construct supers and an alliance for people to test sov please let it be known.

Any who have applied can confirm that I generally process applications and requests in the timeframe provided. The only exceptions to this comes when I go on vacation but notice of this is given beforehand.

Any who have used the public Sotiyos can confirm that they remain public throughout the mirror and there are no complications at any point once they are onlined with services.

Are you actually denying that you and yours hunt supers?

What does him owning a public alliance and him killing supercaps having anything to do with each other? Do you have evidence that he hunts people inside his own alliance or otherwise awox’s them? Or are you just running the usual and being a butthurt troll.

Alliance is up, searching for sov now

Edit: sov claimed and Sotiyo is anchoring in F-NMX in Pure Blind

The Sotiyo will be finished anchoring at 02:45 GMT

Read below

Same with you

Email me in game on also for more, but I would like to arrange some kind of non aggression pact or standings with my also alliance. (Prosper Systems) EMAIL me on also or tq if you want to continue -jona (Former DDT Member REPOST Forgot to hit reply

This is something you will have to discuss with individual corps. I will not set alliance level standings as people may feel I am denying them possible content.

can i get a list of corps in your alliance?

This info is publicly available to any who show info on the alliance.

On a side note, I will be away for the weekend so any apps between now and then will need to wait until Sunday to be processed

So quick update since I’ve been told there’s been a mirror:

I am taking a break from Eve and as such will not be creating the alliance for this mirror or any future mirrors at this time. If someone else would like to do this, feel free to make your own thread and continue this service to the testing community

I have taken over this. as he is no longer doing it.
This is the link to the new thread.