TEST Alliance Please Ignore Seeks Active Combat Corps

TEST is seeking active pvp corporations in all timezones.

You may have heard about us, but there’s nothing like the TEST experience. We have a storied past and a bright future. In short, TEST is in New Eden to stay. We’re a military-focused alliance seeking like-minded corporations to join our ranks.

TEST, by all accounts, has some of the best FCs in Eve and today we’re a powerhouse capable of going head to head with some of the largest alliances in game. Perhaps you’ve seen some recent battles.

This brawl versus Pandemic Legion and Northern Coalition in D-GTMI in March 2018 was a prime example of how strong we’ve become, throwing down with subcaps, dreads, carriers and finally only a small part of our massive super and titan fleet. Fight versus Pandemic Legion and Northern coalition. This cinematic view beautifully highlights our super fleet in action in the fight where over 1 trillion isk was destroyed, most of it now ours. Battle Report After this, we took on Fraternity in a bloodbath on their Fortizar in Immensea, which we destroyed. Two months before, we destroyed theTriumvirate Keepstar with allies.

We also lead the powerful Legacy Coalition - a 12-alliance block that encompasses a huge swath of New Eden - Impass, Esoteria, Catch and Immensea. As an alliance, we have destroyed almost 100 trillion isk, hold more than 130 systems, 53 stations, more than 100 citadels and dozens of Fortizar’s, Sotiyo’s, Tatara’s and Azbel’s, from null-sec to lowsec. Our industrial and mining base is one of the strongest in New Eden, and our alliance home is Esoteria. We have four Keeptars in Catch (forward military staging), Esoteria and Immensea. TEST does not have corp taxes for member corps. What we require is pvp.

TEST 2018 is a fantastic place to be. Does your corp have what it takes?

Corporation applicants must have an active killboard with 40+ pvp pilots - at least - on week-to-week statistics.

Send me a message in game or join our diplo channel: test_diplo_office

Fly dangerous.



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