New to stations, question about war


i’m a frequent miner and don’t really like to engage in pvp. I (my corp, me and my brother have 5 accounts between us) would like to set up our first POS refinery for our corp.

I would like to get into moon mining, so in 0.5 sec space. However we would then be open for war declerations.

Is war declarations common would you say for against corps that have just a refinery as their HQ?

I don’t really want to enter any wars with other corps, but i presume there you don’t have to accept war declerations they are forced upon you. Most likely to control the market for moon mining?

Would you not recommend a small corp set up a POS, if you could have war declared against you with not enough people to back it up?

Thank you.

Not very likely from people who want the moon, especially after the recent changes to highsec moons. Possibly more likely from people looking to extort ISK from you or try to shoot you while you are going to or from a trade hub.

“Aggressive” wars as they are called are not mutual and are forced upon you. As you seem aware, this is only possible when you have a structure in space, with the rationale being there needs to be a way to fight over them. As I said above, it is very unlikely someone will declare war on you for your moon - there are 11 000+ of them in highsec - so no one will want yours unless you have one of the best, which you won’t because they are taken and you would have to declare a war to get it.

But people still might just want to fight you, or try to extort ISK from you.

Probably the best game theory way to do what you are asking is to deploy your Athanor with an alt corp, and use Access Control Lists to share access to your main corp. It’s a bit cheesing the system, but it will allow you to avoid any direct risk of wars. If someone does try to extort ISK, just ignore them and likely they will not bother with blowing up your structure. Unless you fit it out with very expensive modules, they have nothing really to gain, and have to suffer through many timers, to explode it. You still have to be aware you might lose it, but realistically, if you don’t mouth off and make enemies, no one will bother with your anonymous Athanor in an alt corp unless they are very territorial and claim all of that system or region.

The more intended way for this to work, and possibly more fun, this is to make some friends. Find an alliance you can join for mutual defence and start learning how you can defend yourselves. Eve is a PvP game, and you are already banging up against the wall of what is possible without opening yourself up to it. You don’t have to like it or spend most of your time on it, but if you are going to grow as an Eve player you need to understand it.

I think, as long as you follow the Golden Rule of Eve and can afford to lose it, there is no reason a small corp cannot deploy a structure, even if they have no intention to defend it. I’d do a little research of the area first to make sure there are no hyper-aggressive corps with a recent history of exploding stations, but you probably will be fine.

Just make sure to keep it fueled…

Thanks for your reply, that makes sense. I think the only risk if i don’t care about losing it in a war, would be i could lose my ships while mining.

I think i’ll look into an alliance and see if that would be the best way to place a structure.


If you use an alt corp, you don’t even have the risk to your mining ships. You can mine away protected by CONCORD, even in a war, as you are in a different (and undeccable) corp.

Only the structure is at risk, but the downside of this strategy is you can’t defend it even if you want to. Or at least you would need to hop corps or make some other move to be able to actively defend your structure.

If you have the station in corp, you are indeed at risk when mining at war (although you get 24h notice that a war has been declared), but maybe what is more risky is visiting a trade hub. The most likely source of you getting a war declared on you will be by a trade hub/lane camper looking to pick off your haulers, not someone after your moon or miners.

If you keep the structure in your main corp, best to use out-of-corp alts to visit trade hubs.

As Pedro said, use a holding corp for the structure itself. But if you are not prepared to defend your structure then eventually you will lose it. So write off the cost straight away and extract value from the belts asap to cover that and the replacement.

I’m not sure a high sec moon frack will even cover the structure fuel cost at the moment to be honest.

It will, but totally not worth the time. Coesite is about 45% the value of Veldspar ISK/m3

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also, OP, beware: POS is not the same as athanor

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