New triglavian drones BPO = next event's top reward

Next event should reward players not with 5-run BPC as current one, but with BPO. For new type of drones, 20 bandwidth , two type of damage (thermal and explosive) raising from 32 to 64 DPS over time…
Even if they will drop in T5 Abyss and suspect timer for those, who run T4, T5 sightes, will be restored, I am sure many will participate.

Why ?

You do realise they will be completely worthless inside 48 hours don’t you?

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No way, bad idea

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No. Go away.


While I like the idea of Traglavian drones should you better post suggestions into the right forum section.

See Features & Ideas Discussion.

I like the idea of triglavian drones but not a bpo or anything limited to an event.

Triglavians do not make drones any drones under their command are subverted rogue drones.

… but …
… why ?

Why a BPO?

We have never received BPOs from any events for the past 5 years.

Also they´ve got a terrible tracking.

ideas forum is that way--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------> trash can

Capsules didn’t make citadels and yet here we are. Things can change lol

Haloo… Houston?

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