New “Triglavian” ship being added soon, speculation

interesting you point that out. alot of ships flown by empires dont seem to have windows or lights either. like the confessor.

The lack of light for the Bs caught my attention first really it’s just plating all around

Let me just post this here.

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Boo! As I frigate pilot I want weird spinning orb!

Look there in the preview window it says “amarr”

the colors remind me of Carthum Conglomerate, perhaps an offshoot from the corporation itself taking in account that the articles about it point to an armor and energy weapon focus (which is the specialty of Carthum’s T2 hulls for Amarr).

on the other side of the coin, the ships dont seem to follow the typical Amarr design and instead look a bit Caldari (just personal opinion). which could point to a new Amarr + Caldari faction line to accompany Sansha.

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From all the observations made, it definitely sounds like these are an Empire, likely Amarr, hybrid craft. I’m inclined to agree with the Carthum hypothesis. Seems like if true they’ve been experimenting with Drifter tech, and a new NPC faction has or will split off from Carthum Conglomerate.

Again, this is all speculation, but it seems quite plausible.

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I just had a epiphany!! What if these ships are not directly related to Amarr, or Carthum, but Sarum! The hull colors seem iridescent like a Fullerene composite, but they still are similarly themed to the House Sarum colors. This could be a splinter group using hyper advance tech, and get this.

What if the Empress isn’t dead. She cloned once, this would be the… you guessed it, third time. “Tri” maybe she was forbidden from using clones and did died, but the voices in her head decided to use some of her old jump clones anyway!

Plus we already know Sarum 2.0 had access to ancient weaponry, which she used to destroy the Elder Fleet. Maybe under Sarum 3.0 it’s being mass produced.


That’d be incredibly lame, but we don’t know enough about this new line of ships for a hard refutation.

im kinda 50/50 on that statement.

from one side, the Inheritance chronicle points that Jamyl was made to understand her existance was dangerous for the empire, not because of her position and decisions as empress (along withe circumstances on which she was made head of state) but because of the entity that shared the body with her and the actions the Drifters could take on Amarr (and possibly the rest of the cluster) if she kept going with it.

escalating the conflict with the Drifters would have had a heavy cost not only on Amarr but also to Caldari and the stability of the politics in New Eden (no matter which faction you support, the 4 empires have to exist somehow). she had to make that sacrifice.

on the other point of view, nothing says the SoCT couldnt have proposed her to keep being in service to Amarr not as a ruler but as some kind of secret protector. Jamyl was ambitious and polemic for the usual Amarrian standards so it shouldnt be rare if she would have cloned herself a 3rd time. the only problem i could see with that is that the entity could follow her into that new clone, and this could ring the alarms of the Drifters again (not sure), of course she wouldnt have been kept still an the idea that funding the Triglavian Collective as a means to act against the Drifter menace as an anonymous party kinda fits.

I was eating a burrito and damn near choked when I read this…dear god let this be true.

But I’m saying her mind may have never made it into the new clone, but perhaps that wouldn’t have stopped the other entity from trying. Maybe she believed that death would end it all for both of them, but in fact, it only liberated the Enheduanni inside her.

Who knows. If there is another clone out there, the other enitity, being as advanced as it was, could even have forced out her mind from reconstituting in the new body.

You think Jamyl was inhabited by one of the Enheduanni? Is there anything to suggest that in the lore?

Well it’s mostly been speculated in discusions as far as I know, but I’m only mediocre at lore anyway.

Even if it’s not the Enheduanni, the theory can still apply to whatever was in her head.

be cool if it was Earth coming back take over eve galaxy

The last of the 7 prophecies of Darmella Macaper is “the dark light returns from the heart of the mother”.

I always assumed this would mean that the final threat to New Eden would enter it through the EVE Gate. However, a little plot arc back from 2008 concerning a stellar phenomenon observable across New Eden (similar to the later “Caroline’s Star” thing) heavily suggests that there was some sort of cataclysm on the other side of the gate that was visible from New Eden. If that is the case, then on the other side of the gate might be untold destruction.

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So you suggest on the old terran side a similar cataclysm to the one that happened in New Eden took place?I like this idea alot as it’s not that unlikely.Given stellar distances the event you mention may have taken place same time on both sides of the eve gate just that the light flare from the other side took this long to reach our cluster.


That is precisely what I’m (or rather, what CCP may be) suggesting.

Some excerpts:

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Also the frigate model should get its own orb aswel when its done.It has the same sort of ‘fixtures’ as the other 2 ships have behind the orb.
And I still think these ships may be AI controlled or even remotely controlled,heck the orbs may even be a means to relay commands in real time over huge distances.