New Type of Gaming Mouse - Your Cellphone

I was just thinking how cool it could be to tether your cellphone to Eve Online, configure the touchscreen for HUD button use, such as map, scanner, etc.

Instead of using the mouse to point and click, you would use your phone. Pressure the Lock and Fire button on the phone then use your phone to point at the target lock.

Want to accelerate? Simply use the scroll slider to adjust your velocity.

You could even use the phone to adjust your shields or armor resistance parameters using a slider bar as well.

The Thermians liked it. How about you?


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There are apps like kdeconnect that let you use your phone as a input device. I’m pretty sure if you search a bit you will find one that lets you customize the button and screen

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With all of the data mining apps, it would be difficult to determine which one was authentic though.

I hate any form of touch screen with a vengeance. I guess people do play games with mobiles, laptops, etc…but I simply cannot imagine using anything other than a mouse. You simply cannot beat the accuracy and speed of mouse response.


A mouse is not as fast as a touch screen. I think the Dragon capsule uses touchscreens, but I could be wrong.

I use my mouse on almost max sensitivity and use the radial menu a lot, in combination with the keyboard. I can’t see how an external touch screen would be faster. The problem is that you have to hold your phone with 2 hands in order to use it as the controller. This means all control functions would need to be on the phone making Eve a clunky phone game. The manual piloting control speed/ options would be just terrible and inferior.

With the keyboard/mouse I barely move my one hand due to the sensitivity and as I’m not dedicating both hands to a phone I can use the other hand for the keyboard and all it’s functionality.

On top of that touch screens have no tactile response (with generally available technology today). I’m using a mechanical keyboard and the mouse also has buttons that provide response. Even many of the tactile touch screens proposed are not nearly as good or as fast as required. This means you would have to take your eyes off of the game screen to look at your controller as you can’t feel the buttons. Then you die because you weren’t paying attention to what is going on.

So no thank you on the phone controller idea.

And the difference is that if the dragon capsule uses those then the touch screen isn’t an add on the systems were designed that way and the information your looking at is right there for you to touch. Since they control what hardware the end user has they guarantee that the pilot has that equipment. If they are using touch screen they likely have backup control methods or instrument read outs that don’t require the screen in case the screen gets cracked.

Compare to looking at one screen that you have to pay attention to and then controlling it with another tiny screen with no tactile response. As desktop users generally don’t have touch screens CCP can’t force the user to have one. Even if they did, then the way combat works would have to be completely redesigned to be on the touch screen.

I presume you’re referring to Eve : Echoes…which is specifically designed for mobiles, etc. On a 42 inch monitor a mouse is definitely a bit faster :slight_smile:

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