New type of ship?

(Ghelisis Achasse) #1

I know we already have Fighters, but those are mining drones, but the lack of something better to call it…the closest thing we have to this idea are the corvettes/rookie ship, so I hopped on Singularity and used a Reaper to help me out. I came up with this:

Designed with the help of a Reaper corvette - adjustments will have to be made for the other empires.

Hypothetical Player Fighter - EVE Online

Bonuses: 1000% rate of fire bonus to racial turrets, bonuses to racial weapons.
200% ship velocity and inertia
Guns use ammo directly from the cargo hold

Module size: Small

CPU/Powergrid 120/15, may need to be tweaked

Cargohold: 30-40m3 (enough to hold 10,000 rounds of Small ammo)

High: 1
Med: 1
Low: 0

+1 High - Gallente
+1 Med - Caldari
+2 Low - Amarr
+1 Low - Minmatar

Shield/Armor/Structure and bonuses: 150/150/150; adjusted for the other empires, 50-80% bonus to all resistances.

Signature Radius: 10m, adjusted for other empires.

There’s probably other attributes I’ve missed, but that’s the basics.

(Daichi Yamato) #2

Think more ‘role’ and ‘why do we want to have this in the game’ more than the numbers.

I’d like to point out that a 25% rof bonus means guns cycle at 75/100ths of the time. A 50% rof bonus means guns cycle in half the time. A 99% rof bonus means guns cycle 100 times faster and finally a 100% bonus means guns cycle infinite amounts of time in an instant.

I don’t even know what a %1000 rof bonus can do. Maybe cycle backwards or break the space time continuum. Whichever is less strain on the server i hope.

(Makshima Shogo) #3

LoL no…

If you have a 10 second ROF and you add 25% rof bonus it would go to 7.5 second rate of fire 1000% would put it at 1 second 10x faster.

(Daichi Yamato) #4

Your math is wrong.

10 second duration.

25% rof = 7.5s = +33.3% dps
50% rof = 5.0s = +100% dps
75% rof = 2.5s = +300% dps
100% rof = 0s = infinite dps

1000% rof =???

If you don’t believe me check the duration changes on a ship at different levels.

(Makshima Shogo) #5

Meh it’s worded so weirdly why is it +25% rof that would lower dps, if you -100% rate of fire then yes it would go to 0 but if its +100% dps from Rate of fire then its literally halving the rate of fire.

(Daichi Yamato) #6

+25% RATE of fire.

‘Rate of fire’ is the inverse of ‘turret duration’.

(Makshima Shogo) #7

So they say +25 but they mean -25 xD still could be worded better but w.e offtopic.

(Daichi Yamato) #8

To be fair I think they say bonus to rate of fire now. Not + or -.

But they used to have different ways of saying the same thing. Bonus, +'s and even -'s for the old dessies.

(Lugh Crow-Slave) #9

you are missing a key part to the post


(Xebov) #10

How exactly does this differ from an Interceptor? Besides the lower sig and the reload free weapons it sounds exactly like it to me.

(Old Pervert) #11

The idea itself is terrible, but the differences would be that the cepter has bonuses to tackle modules (both combat and tackle), and the cepter is nullified.

@Daichi_Yamato hit the nail on the head though. This is a ship in search of a role.

Since “this idea is terrible” is probably not enough justification alone:

  1. Combat cepters fill this role already
  2. The DPS itself would be insanely high (aka too high)
  3. The sig tank would be utterly ludicrous. Literally 1/5th the size of a frigate and faster.
  4. You’ve got no tracking bonus. This ship would have a hell of a time actually applying DPS.

5) The cost to benefit ratio of these ships makes them worthless. They’d have to be a T2 frigate at minimum, probably on par with a cepter for cost, and a single utility smartbomb would face-■■■■ these into nothingness.
6) Piloting this ship in Eve would be very difficult. Remember that the server has 1 second ticks.

(Dave Argon) #12

Tech II Corvettes ? :slight_smile:

(Ghelisis Achasse) #13

Actually Tech II Corvettes could fill that role. Give them the same slot layouts though. and I agree, my idea is kind of…off. but…at least it makes for good discussion amirite?

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