5v5 Corvettes

28 August - 1 September: 5v5 Corvettes

Ship Types: Ibis, Velator, Reaper, and Impairor - limited to meta 4 (Tech I and named) modules (no Tech II/Faction/Deadspace/Officer/Abyssal modules). Pirate implants are also restricted.

Seems like the Velator has a significant advantage, having two drones and two turrets, vs the other corvettes having only one drone and two turrets/launchers. The Velator can also fit two bonused repairers and a propulsion module, while the Reaper can have two bonused boosters only at the expense of a propulsion module.

It’ll be interesting to see what pilots do with skill hardwiring implants.

I’ll also predict this will be one of the events with the most participation.

You have to hand it to CCP - they are trying every possible permutation.


Can you really fit all of that and be useful?
You’re going to cap yourself out so fast with 2 reps and a prop mod. You’ll have barely and fitting left for blasters, and because you cannot control range, you’re gonna have a hard time hitting anyone with such short range. You’re gonna have to rely on someone else to web down targets for you.

At best, you have either 1 Medium drone or 2 Light drones, both of which can be fairly easily killed.

Ancillary repairers are meta level 1. You can alternate their use to repair almost continuously.

The other corvettes have only one, which is twice as easy to kill. Their drones are not bonused, either. So the Velator gets two bonused turrets, bonused drones, and bonused repair. Seems a rather significant advantage, especially since corvettes are so limited to begin with.

Imagine a 5-Velator team with cap transfer, remote repair, local ancillary repair, and bonused drones for damage. They’ll mop up the arena. Unless the other teams brings Velators. :smiling_imp:

edit to add: ok, that may be a bit ambitious.

They still consume cap, which is the original issue that I raised.


I don’t see this, nor have you provided compelling arguments to support this claim. All you’ve done is taken the ship bonuses out of context and isolated in a vacuum, then claimed the Velator has a “significant advantage”.

What is the prize for winning? A velator skin?

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It has a clear advantage: bonused turrets, bonused drones and two drones. The turret bonus is 10%, same as the other corvettes’ bonus to their turrets/launchers. Those two drones additionally have a 20% bonus to damage and hit points, which the other corvettes lack.

Just confirmed in Pyfa that the remote rep/cap transmitter chain is cap stable with an afterburner. Of course the other corvettes can establish a cap stable RR/CT chain, but then they have a single unbonused drone for DPS.

Ok, so if you’re remote repping / capping, some of your Corvettes won’t have guns. So what are you even trying to say? That the Velator, if it has the other 4 Corvettes remote repping and remote capping it, has a significant advantage over another Corvette?

No, all I’m saying is that I’m not talking to you. Goodbye.

Sorry you can’t handle getting called out on your bs.

It’d be hilarious if the prizes were the best of the recent series. But CCP has lost their sense of humor.

I wish zkillboard could find kills where the only ships participating were corvettes. I’m going to hazard a guess that corvette fleets are somewhat uncommon. The Velator seems to be the most favored solo corvette, though.

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