New war?

Hi guys
According to last few month economic reports, it looks that goons are arming and preparing to new war. Their production is really massive. They also import a lot of stuff. How long is it until next war start? Should we start preparing for bs higher prices? Will goons win this time? Or maybe delve will fall?

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Just bears being bears.

I’m not sold on the idea that the Imperium are prepping for war as aggressors, unless they feel like expanding into the adjacent regions over time. All the major powers are hardcore farming to build up their arsenals and defenses right now.

And, frankly, I can’t see them ever being forced out of their homes again. They are dug in hard and CCP’s current implementation of Citadel mechanics makes Citadel spam an overly effective tactic for defenders. They are basically impervious as defenders now, only internal conflict could weaken them at this point. It took incredibly wealthy financial backers that built their fortunes using out-of-game ISK-gambling services to get all the major power to gang up on them the first time, and that’s probably not happening again.

Maybe this time goons wants to attack. In following few weeks few persons told me that war is coming. I see that goons are producing a lot. They also import a lot of stuff and their export is really low. It’s like 2+2

why would goons need a war? their two last attempts got failed and they losing rorqs and excavators with warning rates

Its like 4?

The import figure is broken in the MER. Magnitude is incorrect, and potentially even direction of the trade imbalance.

goons will burn down eve again and take back all in a few weeks. just look at what happened to circle of two. darkness nc and pl are next down the list it goes for ever and ever

More likely they are mass RMTing to cash in on eve while they can since CCP is currently turning a blind eye to all botting and most RMT since the downsizing. I hate the goons as a whole, but you gotta give em credit for determination and perseverance.

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Actually I have it on good authority that goons plan to go after WH dwellers that have high and low sec statics and launch attacks from the holes that they will fortify, taking over choke points (tin hat on) :grin:

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Winter is coming…

Haven’t they reinforced PL/NC fortizars/keepstars that are coming out of their timers this week?

Not sure it’s a war… could just be Goons deciding to mess with them when they decided to move resources to harass Providence (an opening that they decided to take for kicks).


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Grrr indeed. Gewn Peril imminent.

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Probably will just keep farming, building, stockpiling and fortifying for the foreseeable future.
When profits are this good, even the hardcore PvPers will be happy.

Biding their time, growing vertically, infiltrating opponents, recruiting while waiting for a CCP change, NS politics/power shift or some other opportunity.

If other empires start using their space as efficiently as Goons are, that will quicken the onset of war, as Goons will want to strike before opponents can catch-up/organize against them.

Goons have a very good thing/operation going for themselves in Delve, and its probably just getting even more efficient and well-oiled. No need to rock the boat, just yet.

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