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What is a Fax Alt?

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An alt that can fly Force Auxiliaries:

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No worries! :slight_smile:

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Super-capital ships (super-carriers, FAX’es, titans) are very expensive ships, and before the addition of Citadels, they couldn’t dock at any stations, so they were called “coffin” ships, because once you put your character into one, you couldn’t leave the ship unattended in space for fear of being stolen.

If you right-click your ship and “exit ship”, your pod will exit it, and you can leave it in space, and anyone with the skills to pilot such a ship can come by and enter it from their pod and steal it. Not that anyone would want to leave their ship unattended like that, but we used to operate out of POS starbases, and those were in-space (no docking), so, basically, no options.

So anyway, the solution was to train a separate, alt character, for just flying the super-capital ship and nothing else, so you could leave your alt inside the ship and only log in the alt when needed during war.

Nowadays, you can tether super-capital ships at citadels, but still people prefer to create special-purpose alts for flying these ships, and otherwise log in and play with their main character with all the other fun ships during periods between wars.

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Perhaps we might add for all who think “hey, let’s do this for a start” that training this Alt still takes way more than a year, for flying and properly using all necessary modules.

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Not anymore, just inject, and you are ready in a couple of hours.

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Ah, right, I’m a bit an old fashioned miser.
Are there any numbers how much ISK it takes to get a completely fitted titan and all skills you need? Converted in $/€ I’d guess it’s approximatly the amount you need for a neat new PC system…

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No idea, I would never do that. :wink:

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For titans, a lot of the skills must be maxed out, to eliminate the possibility of losing the ship because you didn’t have that last 5% of armor or shields or whatever.

I estimate 80 million skill points (4 years Omega train time). 160 injectors. 40,000 PLEX. $1,400.
For the titan ship itself, Price Check 1, Price Check 2, 64 B ISK, 18,000 PLEX. $600.
For the fittings, no clue if this example is any good, but 15 B ISK. $150.

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An alt you send faxes to. Duh.

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Thanks a lot, here you find really everything a newbro has to know! :wink:
I remember as I read articles about titans in my first days of EvE, I thought about flying that class would be a nice aim for the start. But after 8 months I still can’t fly battleships properly…

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