Newbie Corps and ESI keys, are any asking for no keys?

Do really all newbie corps (except Horde) ask for ESI keys?

Just came back and wanna slap the pandas for all they represent so Horde is out of the question. Had a look at the other ones within the bigger alliances and all i found were ESI gated.

I’m just to lazy to put in XX characters on XX accounts. And yes, there’s a reason why i used two Xs.

i can think of several reasons why newbie corps would want ESI’s.

i can think of several reasons why you are too scared to share ESI’s…


Wait, XX chars and “newbie corp”?
When I was a noob, I had exactly 2 accounts (an original alpha and an additional omega to gain the 1 m Buddy SP, which was the rule at that time), and only one of them joined the newbro corp, which was not interested in politics and wars, so ESI was not required.
When joining a “political organization” especially when war emerges, I’m pretty sure things are different.

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I’m not a newbie, my main got 130m skillpoints and i got a few years of eve in my books.
I’m just not interested in any tryhard stuff atm, also not interested about any opsec stuff or caps or anything that would actually make sense to gate via ESI. Simply login and join fleet. I guess Horde really is unique in that regard.

And to check if any ESI keys are still existing i just had to log into all of the accounts, some actually still had keys. Took me just 45 minutes including the ■■■■■■■■ 2FA and whatevery hickup the servers just had. I really do not want to do that again, and maybe again, and maybe again because corp x is vary of X, corp y is vary of Y and corp Z simply doesn’t like my outfit. You know what i mean?

Create an Alpha alt on an unaffiliated email address and join?

I appreciate that you’re trying to help but using an Alpha account? I can fly every subcap i want to, why would i want to castrate myself? :joy:

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Choices …

So if it’s not Newbro related, you should have a look (and some talk) here: Recruitment Center - EVE Online Forums

It’s not that you want to fly caps, but the other players in the corporation will be flying caps or other valuable ships. And those players will expect that the corporation has done the bare basic ESI checks so that other players from their corporation, alliance and allies can mostly be trusted not to tackle their ship and light a cyno for an enemy fleet.

The occasional spy will still slip through, but ESI checks means that the spy will have to put in some effort to go unnoticed.

Horde is indeed different in that regard. Back when they were technically allies of us (Brave) during WWB2 we set many of our allies to blue ingame.
Horde were an exception that we didn’t set to blue, simply because without ESI checks a random Horde character checking your system could just as well be a scout for hostiles.

ESI checks have a purpose, if only because a blue flag on your name sets some expectations for many corporations.


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