Anyplace to see recently created accounts?

I used to use Jackknife for this and just send random amounts from 1 to 100m to people on that list but it seem jackknife no longer exists and the prices for my freighter and JF went too the moon so I have a lot of isk again.

I’m not sure ESI can pull random accounts.

I know @Mike_Azariah does the Magic School bus where he flies around starter systems in his Bowhead to hand out ships to new players, he may be able to help you out


If you have big funding, start a rookie tax-break corporation and provide stuff to them internally. Maybe teach them some stuff (especially about PvP) as well.

Before the Bus I would sit in Captains Quarters and send mail to the newbros as they appeared on the screen. Those that answered? Got a ship.

Now? No. I spend a LOT of time in Rookie help but of course you always have the issue is who is a real new player and who is an alt. Me? I decided not to worry about it. I help everyone I can and don’t sweat the small stuff.

But no, I have no magic wand to spot new accts like the GMs do.



If there were such a utility, wouldn’t it just be used to mass spam e-mail new players with corp join requests?

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There used to be for years. Maybe some people used it that way but it would have been quicker to just join the rookie ch considering you wouldn’t need to copy paste link.

Yeah, odds are they way I used to do it hit more alts than new bros but I didn’t care. I could probably just use the rookie ch.

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There’s also the option to just look at employee history and consider less than a day in the starter corp as a newbro

Jeebus, @Small_Kitty_Paws , the amount of ISDs and CCPs created is too dang high

Even the GMs can’t tell . I got convoed twice by them on newly created alt accounts.

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Fraternity mass spams everyone anyway . All local from rookie systems, all persons from A-Z in rookie help , all persons from A-Z in NPC corps. On top of that dozens of mobile depots in rookie sysyems on the station undock , just to make sure that the FPS of a new player drops to 0 when he undocks , so he can just uninstall the game.

I made 3 characters, including this one, all 3 got a recruitment email (in Chinese) within a few minutes of creation. Before any interaction.

Just curious: even before spawning in the game world (so still at the character creation screen) or afterward?

Thank you good sir.

A few minutes after character creation, on this character I was still in the basic tutorial when I got it. The other characters (being on the same account so I skipped the tutorial) got it within 10 minutes of creation.

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