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Hey Guys

Currently working on a degree at university, one of the subjects is python so I was wondering if there is any projects out there that have room for a newbie, I am a keen ish player of the game so it makes sense to try and learn further in this enviroment. Currently a first year in the subject so break me in gently!


Try sorting your Grammar and spelling out first!


Hi, just look at some of the open source projects like pyfa and see if they have an issue you would like to fix. I think they also have a chat, so maybe you can ask them if they have something for a new coder.

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Pyfa was also the first that came to my mind.

This GitHub search might perhaps also help you.

Code safe, o7

I cant even complain because I would have made the same joke.

Thanks troops, gives me some ideas.

Gonna slide this over to OOPE.

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