Found a great video series for learning to code (link provided), but I finished it. Want moar please

Hello world!

I started learning how to code about a month ago. I didn’t do much for the first couple of weeks. I’d watch a couple of videos, get frustrated, and then not do anything else for 3 or 4 days. Then I found Paul McWhorter’s beginner’s course for Python. Dude was such a good teacher and had me so stoked, that It only took my five days to watch all the videos, and do all the homework, for that, and his short series on vPython.

Anyway, I figured I’d share his series with anyone interested. However, I’m now hungry for more content. Thus, I was also hoping that people might be able to recommend other good tutorial series.

And yes, I know how to google. The problem is that there are a ton of videos trying to teach code, but only a fraction of them are actually any good at teaching. Thus, it would be nice if others could share their recommendations. I’m personally interested in stuff on Python and Lua that builds upon the fundamentals (I don’t want to just keep watching beginner courses for different languages), but I encourage you to post any good series on any language for any skill level. Maybe it might be of interest to someone else.

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t really code python apart from the occasional patches to programs I use. But if I would start to program today this is probably the language I would learn. So good choice :+1:

But it looks like you have the basics now. Next thing would probably be to look into how you structure an actual application. Since this is very different between programing language I don’t have any advice other than that general direction :grimacing:

Do you have any project in mind you want to code? Always helps if you want to use it for something.

I don’t have any specific projects in mind. What got me started was casually messing around in core editor (which is like roblox). But lately, I’ve been having fun with programing in general. I dunno, it’s kind of like a combination of solving a puzzle and playing with Legos.

Anyway, right now I’m messing around with the problems on Rosetta Code. Did the 100 Doors problem yesterday, and just started working on the 100 Prisoners problem.

So, yeah, right now I’m just having fun learning and practicing. I suppose, however, that I’d like to be competent enough to write a 3rd party program for Eve if I identify a need to do so. For example, when invasions first came out, I wanted to figure out what was the incoming damage profile of an entire trig fleet, but couldn’t find any log analyzers that did that. So, I had to brute force my way through the problem using excel.

My Solution to the 100 Doors Solution (Lua)

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